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I bet you're here because you are ready to make an investment. 

 Whether your a blogger or a small business owner, you are probably looking for someone who cares about what you care about. Who thinks you are more than just a dollars in their pocket. You want someone who wants to advertise your work, whether its a blog you faithfully write even when you feel like there are no words, or an Etsy shop with hand made creations that you put your heart and soul in. 

I can help you. 
The faces you see on my sidebar, they are more than advertisers. They're more than sponsors. They are friends, fellow creators who I've developed real, genuine relationships with. My sponsorship options are inexpensive because I think your hard earned money should be used intentionally. I don't want you to break the bank to advertise your blog. I want to get to know you and discover what matters to you, and then send the best readers & customers ever to you! 

I love to work with shops and companies I believe in! I am open to helping you promote your business with many different options to meet your needs. I'd love to highlight your business, and provide a giveaway or discount to my readers. Please contact me at so we can work out details to best promote and grow your business!  

Product Reviews: 
I also enjoy reviewing products and providing my honest feedback to my readers. I will be glad to review products that reflects the personal style and brand of Happy Is A Choice. Each product review will feature an honest review, with high quality pictures and links with my honest opinion of your product. Please e-mail me at to work out details! 

 At this time, I am not running any blogger sidebar/advertising packages but I am open to a limited number of guest posts a month. By purchasing a guest post advertisement you will have the option of displaying your button on my sidebar for thirty days and your post will be featured on a weekday for optimal page views. It will be promoted by me on my social media channels. All posts must be reviewed and approved before publishing on Happy Is A Choice. The rate for a guest post is ten dollars. Please e-mail me if you'd like to discuss this more or if you'd like to purchase a spot. All payment will be done through Paypal. 

 If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at

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  1. Hi brittany! This is so off base but I am soooo curious about that font style you have with your blog header, especially for word HAPPY. please help me with this... Thank you so much