Thursday, July 16, 2015

Porter's Coming Home Outfit

While I am still slacking working away on Porter's birth story, I thought I'd share his Coming Home outfit because it is so stinking cute and I am already crying over the fact he's just about to big for it already, three weeks in!

I searched and searched for the perfect outfit while I was pregnant. I looked in every single store that sells baby clothes here locally, and looked online for something that was cute and comfy but not pjs and not something he was going to sweat in considering he was due at the end of June and it ended up being 105 degrees the day we went home from the hospital.

When I stumbled on this adorable Hello I'm New Here onesie, I instantly knew it was what I wanted baby P to come home in. It is just the most precious little onesie for a brand new baby. After looking more at the shop, I Spot You, I realized Jodi, the owner was from Idaho also so I knew it was meant to be-this was THE outfit for my little guy to wear home from the hospital!  I love the onesie because its super soft and it was just big enough that if he would've been a bigger baby, he still would've fit in it. Since he was only seven pounds though he has some room to grow in it, so he can get some good use from it, thankfully!

Once I found the onesie, I went searching for a pair of leggings to match and what baby outfit is complete without a pair of baby moccs, am I right? I found the leggings/hat set from Fawn Kids clothing and his little thighs are already getting too chunky for them! I die over him in this entire outfit. I wish he could stay little and squishy forever (but sleep  longer then newborns sleep).

If you're looking for an adorable outfit for your new baby or a great baby gift, be sure to check out I Spot You on Etsy. There are so many adorable onesies and tee-shirts for little ones. This particular onesie comes in various colors, so whether you're wanting pink for a little girl or a grey for a gender neutral gift, you can find them here! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry now that his little feet are already just about too big for those precious baby moccs.

Onesie: I Spot You on Etsy
Leggings/Hat: Fawn Kids Clothing
Moccassins: Jaxhoo
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