Monday, June 8, 2015

The End Is Near

Saturday marked 38 weeks for me and this (not so little) bean. That means that in two(ish) weeks, we will have a real live baby to take care of and I am so excited to finally meet him. Now days, I have not shortage of concerned and caring people in my life, asking how I am feeling and I go back and forth between being overly jovial and replying "Great! Everything is wonderful" and just grunting in reply. Mostly, though this is how I want to reply to everyone:

We are ready for this baby. His nursery is done, his clothes are washed, we have bottles and binkies and swaddle blankets and baby moccs (SO MANY moccs) coming out of our ears. Now all we have left to do is wait patiently. Except, waiting patiently has never ever been one of my top skills in life, so I'm basically working my way down this list of natural ways to go into labor my friend Karissa sent me. The list is literally the funniest thing I've ever read. Run up and down stairs? FAT CHANCE. Tell my body to go into labor, but also don't think about labor. Perfect. Have sexy time? Not a chance at this stage in the game.

I did try the walk thing, and me, Ronnie and Jak took off for an hour long walk yesterday morning and when Jak kept stopping in the cold, wet grass to lay down and roll around because he was so exhausted, hot and out of shape, I seriously wanted to join him. That one hour walk plus thirty minutes of grocery shopping after literally put me out of commission the rest of the day and all I could do was lay on my couch like a beached whale and try and not spill my extra-large blue rasberry icee on my self.

Speaking of that icee, what I really NEEDED was a Tigers Blood sno-cone, and one of Ronnie's friends who was coming over to watch basketball agreed to pick me up one on his way over. He went to three different sno-cone shacks before giving up since it was Sunday and the world was against me. Bless his heart. The icee was delish, but I am going to need that sno-cone in my life tonight because its all I can think about. 

OH. Its also my last Monday in the office, praise, glory, hallelujah. I am running out of clothes that fit this huge belly and I'm not sure I can come up with five work appropriate outfits this week. I almost spent too much money on size large maxi dresses at Target this weekend until I realized I was being a crazy human and since I have less than two weeks, I can suck it up and do laundry more than once a week. Starting next week, until whenever baby makes his appearance, my work is gracious enough to let me work from home and I cannot wait. I think they're tired of hearing me complain and secretly can't wait to get rid of me. 

This was quite possibly the most pointless post I've ever wrote, but a quite accurate depiction of where my head is at. I keep telling myself less than two weeks til baby is here, but we all know most first baby's are quite comfy up in that womb and are in no hurry to exit, so I am trying to prepare myself for a July baby so I am not disappointed if this baby is a tad bit late. Ask me how that is going on June 21st. Or don't because the questions are already coming and I'm trying to have a happy heart about my well meaning friends and family who are just real excited to meet this little guy.

This week I am going to try and make a real attempt at putting together a coherent blog post. I have been meaning to post his coming home outfit for the past couple weeks, so maybe this week will be the magical week where I can find enough energy to do more than lay on my couch every night after work. No promises though, friends. 

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