Friday, May 29, 2015

37 Week Bumpdate

Size of the baby: He's likely over six pounds, and apparently the length of a swiss chard. Never have I ever known what that vegetable looked like until I looked it up today, but that's about 19 inches.

Gender: A little prince 

Maternity clothes: Currently growing OUT of all my maternity clothes. Maybe TMI, but if I am at home I am likely not wearing pants. I've started stealing Ronnie's t-shirts because they're way more comfortable than my own clothes.

Movement: Every single second, basically. He is an active guy, which is perfectly fine for me so I never have to worry if he's doing okay in there!

Sleep: I will take as much as I can get! I am waking up constantly to pee and to adjust and get comfortable, but I also have been napping whenever I can.

Nursery: It is DONE! You can see the nursery reveal here.

Craving: Diet Coke, ice cream, and pineapple.

Symptoms: My symptoms include feeling really, really pregnant. My legs and feet and hands are swollen and standing up for more than about fifteen minutes makes me feel like I ran a half marathon, but other than the normal 9 months pregnancy aches and pains, I am doing good!

Exercise: I took a walk on Monday if that counts for anything.

Ronnie is: Reading baby books to our little guy in the evenings, and sometimes he says "HELLO BABY. This is your dad." In a really loud, booming voice. And I just about die laughing every time.

 Looking forward to: My work baby shower today! My girlfriends threw me an incredible shower last month and today my coworkers are throwing me a shower and I seriously am so touched by everyone's kindness and support, it makes me a little emotional. And of course, looking forward to having our baby in our arms finally!

Best moments: Yesterday was the happiest mail day ever for me and baby! I ordered some nice pj's to wear after delivery in the hospital from Victoria's Secret, these Little Unicorn swaddle blankets came, and my friend Stacey delivered the best little care package with baby moccs, magazines, bubble bath, chocolate and a candle. Ronnie also installed the car seat which makes this whole baby thing SO REAL to look in the backseat and see it just waiting back there for him to make his arrival!

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