Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Two Simple DIY Baby Shower Crafts

My two best girlfriends and I have had a secret Pinterest board for my baby shower since almost the minute I found out I was pregnant. We've been having so much fun pinning decoration ideas, DIY crafts, games and activities, etc. We scoured the internet for the perfect invitations to set the theme of the party and I found these gorgeous feminine but not too girly invites at Tiny Pints. Instead of doing a specific theme,we've used some of the colors off the invite as our color palate and plan on using blues, greys, florals and some rustic details like the twine pictured above to decorate.

Hosting a baby shower is a lot of fun, but it also is a lot of work, and can be expensive so my lovely two hosts and I found a couple of simple DIY decoration projects to help cut down costs for them and add a personal touch to my shower. For a simple but fun place setting, we made bow-tie napkins to hold the silverware, and we also painted mason jars and added a bow made of twine around them and filled them with baby's breath for a pretty and simple centerpiece. 

Both of these DIY crafts were incredibly simple, even for the craft-challenged person like myself. We declared one Friday evening a girls night and ordered in Thai food and had over fifty napkins and eight mason jars folded, painted, and ready to go for the shower. 

For the napkins: 

Step One: Unfold a single paper napkin all the way and lay it out flat
Step Two: Fold the top and bottom pieces toward the middle.  
Step Three: Fold the two sides together towards the center. 
Step Four: Fold down the two corners of the top side of the napkin to prevent the ends from sticking out when the bow-tie is finished . 
Step Five: Turn your napkin over so the corners you folded are on the bottom side, and then just pinch the center of the bow-tie.  
Step Six: Fluff your bow-tie a bit until it looks how you want, and then wrap some twine (or ribbon or string or whatever you want) around the center. Then just stick your silverware inside the twine and you have the cutest little place settings!

For the Mason Jars:

We painted about eight mason jars with two little bottles of ceramic paint. This craft is so simple, you could do it with your toddler. (But, I will warn you that I managed to get blue paint on my beige rug because I have the ability of a toddler, so maybe do it over a non-carpeted area if you really do let your toddler help.)

Step One: Drop a few drops of paint into the bottom of the jar. Give yourself enough that it will swirl around and cover most of the jar as you tip it around and upside down, but not so much that it falls right out if you turn it upside down.
Step Two: Use a foam paint brush to spread the paint around, adding more paint if you need it.
Step Three: Turn the jars upside down over night to dry, and then turn them right side up the next day to finish.
Step Four: Tie twine or string or a ribbon around the top and add flowers. Ta-da! A gorgeous center piece for just a few dollars.

These are two simple ways to decorate and plan for a baby shower on a budget, and it was a fun way to spend an evening with my best girlfriends preparing. If you have a shower or another event to prepare for, make sure to check out Tiny Prints amazing selection of affordable invitations and give one of these DIY decorations a try for a personal touch. 

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