Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Wearing: Clothes that are stretchy and flowy. I have very few non-maternity pieces that still fit, so I am living in maxi dresses and maternity pants. I need to clean out my closet and put away all the winter stuff that doesn't fit me so I don't have to look at it til next year! 

Sipping: Ice water-I can't get enough of it lately. But desperately needing a cup of coffee. 

Wishlisting: My one wish every day is that I could have maternity leave before AND after the baby.I am so tired, friends. SO SO TIRED. This third trimester fatigue is way more intense than the first trimester for some reason. Every day is a struggle for me to stay awake at my desk, and I've had to get up and take a walk outside to try and get some energy. Will I ever not feel tired again? 

Writing: Lists, lots of lists. Packing lists for my girls trip to Mexico next weekend with my mom, to-do lists for work, lists of "must haves" and "would be nice" items for baby. 

Exploring: AirBnB's website! Have you ever used it to travel? We're thinking about taking a long weekend trip when I am on maternity leave and AirBnB seems like such a fun and inexpensive way to see new places. I also love that most places have the convenience of a kitchen, parking, etc. But, part of me is a little nervous about it so we're still tossing the idea around. If you have any good or bad experiences with it, I'd love to hear! 

I hope you're having a wonderful week! I have had a really busy and long week already, but each day is one day closer to a week on the beach with just my mom and I and that is helping me get through each long day!
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