Monday, April 6, 2015

Bumpdate // 29 Weeks

Happy Monday! I unfortunately did not wake up with the happiest of hearts on this Monday-I could have slept another ten hours I think! This morning I just wanted to give a quick life/pregnancy update. Obviously, baby boy is growing if the picture above is any indication. I am feeling large and in charge and the print on this dress doesn't do me any favors haha! I am just over 29 weeks now, and I go back and forth between feeling like my pregnancy is rapidly flying by to feeling like it will never ever end.

Size of the baby: About the size of a butternut squash

Gender: A little prince

Maternity clothes: I am basically living in maternity clothes, mixed in with a few non-maternity flowy tops from Aro & Company. My maternity jeans have started to get tight which is not promising, so whenever I can, I put on yoga pants or running shorts and an over sized t-shirt.

Movement: I feel him every day now, and Ronnie can feel him from the outside which is so much fun! Its nice to know he's doing okay in there, but sometimes those kicks can be so uncomfortable.

Sleep: I feel like I can never get enough sleep, but luckily I am sleeping pretty well, aside from waking up 1-2x a night to go to the bathroom.

Nursery: We've made a lot of progress but still have a lot of work to do as far as decor. The next big thing we need is the rocking chair so I am hoping to get that purchased by the end of the month.

Craving: Sugar anything. Its a real problem. I am trying to reign myself in but not doing an A+ job at that. Also, I am really into ice water lately and have been drinking it non-stop!

Symptoms: I was feeling so so exhausted the past few weeks I really was having trouble just functioning. No matter how much I slept, I still felt like I had been up for days. Turns out when my doctor called me to tell me I passed my glucose test, she also told me my iron levels were low and that is why I was probably so tired. So, I've started a supplement which I think is helping.

Exercise: Does a few walks a week count? Because that's about all I have been getting lately. #Fail

Ronnie is: Still not wanting to pick out a  name until baby boy is here. We have a couple names we both like but we haven't committed to one, much to my dismay.

Looking forward to:  A girls trip with my mom to Mexico this weekend, and then the week after we get back, one of my best friend is coming into town for the weekend!

Best moments: Ronnie and I had a low key Easter this year and after church yesterday, we came home and took a nice long afternoon nap and then went and got donuts. Its the little things that please me these days.

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