Monday, March 9, 2015

Surviving Pregnancy: The First 25 Weeks

While writing this post, I realized that maybe its premature. I am still in that so-called "golden stage" of pregnancy where I am not sick anymore, but not so big that I am walking around in pain and swollen, so maybe I haven't survived the worst of it yet! Even still, there are some items that have made my pregnancy more bearable and have been life savers that I would recommend to any new mom-to-be. And even if you're not pregnant or planning on being pregnant in the near future, any of these things make a great "congratulations you're pregnant" gift to give to your pregnant friends to help ease the discomfort that pregnancy inevitably brings.

The BumpNest Pregnancy Pillow
The BumpNest pillow was one of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant with an amazon gift card I received for my birthday, and as comfortable as it was, I slept with it one night, and it annoyed me because I wasn't big enough to need it at twelve weeks so I put it in the guest room. At about 20 weeks, I found myself uncomfortable at night, and I had a hard time avoiding sleeping on my back (which is not the safest for mama or baby as your bump grows) so I pulled it back out and I slept like a baby. Not only does it help keep me on my side, it provides the best support for my growing belly and it is SO comfy. If you are pregnant, I promise this is worth every penny and I couldn't sleep without it now. I am trying to figure out how to bring it with me on my mom + daughters trip next month!

MamaBee Belly Butter
The Burts Bee MamaBee Belly Butter is my favorite baby bump butter I've found so far. I love it because its thick and so far I haven't found a single stretch mark on my belly yet, and it has really helped with the dry itchy skin that I've been having over the past month or so. I don't know if it is scientifically proven to reduce stretch marks but my skin has never felt better so I am a fan. I put it on every day after I shower and before bed and my skin feels so soft and less itchy.

Belly Band
The BellaBand is a life-saver for helping you fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes just a little longer. After a while, my pants were either starting to feel uncomfortable and I found myself wanting to just unbutton them after an hour after getting to work, but that is actually frowned upon so when I found the belly band, I ordered a black and white one and wore it with almost every pair of pants until I finally gave in and bought maternity pants. I still have some pants that I can wear with the help of the belly band which just goes over the top of them and allows you to wear them unzipped/unbuttoned and looks like just a tank top underneath your clothes.

Preggie Pops
Preggie Pops are really just sour candy in a lollipop form, but they REALLY helped me when I was sick and miserable the first twelve weeks. I also loved Jolly Ranchers + lemon heads. I don't know what it was about sour hard candy but it made all the difference in the world when I was nauseated all day.

I do not go anywhere without at least a piece of fruit, a granola bar or string cheese in my purse if I am going to be gone more than an hour. Not only does it ward off the morning sickness, but even once I got past feeling sick 24/7, I transitioned into being hungry all the freakin time. I definitely find myself needing to eat more often now more than ever, so I always try and pack enough for work, meetings, and events after work so I don't get hangryyyy. My husband thanks me.

Tums + Prilosec/Zantac Heartburn Medicine
Not everyone suffers from heartburn, but over the past few weeks I've been hit with it pretty hard and even sent Ronnie out one evening because I wasn't sure I could survive without more medicine! Tums sometimes help but usually a 10 mg pill of Prilosec cures it within twenty minutes. I carry it in my purse now so I can stop it right when I feel it coming on!

Stretchy Pants
I basically live in my yoga pants when I am at home. Who am I kidding, if I am not at work, I am probably in some sort of stretchy pants. I had three pairs of yoga pants before I got pregnant but have bought at least three more pairs because I wear them so frequently,  and I don't enjoy doing laundry daily. I feel uncomfortable 90% of the time so I feel like I am totally justified living in my yoga pants whenever I can.

These are a few things that worked well for me, but I still have about fifteen weeks left! What am I missing? What items did you need for your last trimester?

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