Friday, March 6, 2015

Grace In Grey

Over the past few weeks I've been dreaming up a new vision for this space. I started Happy Is A Choice over five years ago and my life looked radically different than it does today. I used it more as an online journal and have since deleted many of those soul-baring posts (or at least made them private) and then I just kind of forgot about it and didn't touch the blog for a couple years. My blog has morphed into a lifestyle blog, one that doesn't always fit into a perfectly defined niche, but has been a place for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and creativity. Its also helped me grow as I learned to process life events through a new lens, and helped me to become more aware of every day moments and how sweet they are. I still believe with my whole heart that being happy is a choice-that we can always choose joy and find something to be grateful for. I believe that we don't have to be a slave to our emotions, but I also know that sometimes, life is hard, and its also okay to just be sad.

I've been debating doing a re-brand of the blog for over a year now, but I always got stuck on Step One, the new name. I wanted something that more reflected me as a person, that gave a picture of the woman I desire to be, and left room for the changes that God is constantly working in me, my heart,and my life. I turned to the one person who's way with words I admire more than anyone, Amber from Mr. Thomas and Me and after about twenty minutes of talking about me, my desires for this space + my life, and things that make my heart sing, the idea of Grace in Grey was born.

Why Grace in Grey?

Good question. First of all, this blog is going to have most of the same content. It will be a true lifestyle blog, but I want to continue to focus on the faith aspect of it and grow my skills as a writer specifically in this topic. I have found myself shying away from writing about faith more often than not because I don't want to offend anyone, or misinterpret something I read. I've also believed the lie that if I am struggling in a certain area, I certainly am not qualified to write about it and I want to work through that fear and embrace more vulnerability and authenticity in this space.

I want this to be a space where you and I can both come and see that there is grace to be found, grace to be given to others and grace to be received. Do you struggle with giving yourself grace as much as I do when you fail? Do you have a hard time having grace for people in your life when they hurt or frustrate you? Because I definitely do. I want to live my life as a woman of grace, and to do this, I first have to accept the grace our Father lovingly pours onto me every single minute of my life.

The Grey has two beautiful meanings to me-one is simply because I love the color grey and am drawn to it in my wardrobe choices, home decor, and even baby clothes/items. Give me a cozy grey blanket on white sheets and my heart has never been happier. Every grey and white baby item I see, I can't help but snag. Grey walls make my heart pitter-patter. But even more meaningful than that, is that I see as each year passes, the grey area, the area between black and white is the place that life happens. (Thank you Justin Timberlake for that wisdom.)

I've never been comfortable in the grey area. I've always wanted to live in the black or white, in the predictable, the comfortable, the known. I am the planner, the list maker, the one who wants to know exactly where the road is going to take me and what will be waiting for me around every corner. But God, in order to keep my focus on Him and Him alone, knows me far better than I know myself and knows how much growth happens when I am left in the grey area a bit. I've learned over the past couple of years what it means to let go of my own plans and my own map and let him lead me. I've had to ask myself really tough questions and challenge the beliefs and ideas I've held onto for many years and finally have realized that there is so much beauty in the grey area of life.

So, in the next few weeks, you may notice a lot of changes around here. I am working with the talented Rachel from Oh Simple Thoughts and she has some great things planned for this space, I can't wait to reveal it all! Bear with me as we work out the kinks. I will also be changing my social media names to graceingrey for brand consistency purposes so if you get confused about who you're following, its still me! I am going to continue to try and stick to my three times a week posting schedule, with some additional new content like more recipe posts with the help of my Top Chef Husband, some more house/home/DIY projects, and even some style posts here and there. Super excited about the new breath of fresh air this re-brand will bring to the blog, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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