Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On My Kitchen Table

 I am so, so excited to share with you guys our new kitchen table! I had been hunting for a new kitchen table for months and months, but was having a really hard time finding a table that I loved that was in our budget. I was really drawn to the farm house table style with the wood top and white legs, and I randomly came across Treasure Valley Table Company on Facebook about a month ago.

They are located outside of Boise and make custom built tables for a really reasonable rate, far less than what I would pay to purchase from a retail store. I decided to send Ronnie a picture of one of their tables and see what he thought and once I got his approval, I contacted the shop owner and asked him if he could paint the legs of the table white and when he said he would, I did a happy dance because I knew I was getting the table of my dreams! For a little more they added on a bench as well.

Please excuse the lack of additional chairs-I actually just picked up four chairs for twenty-five dollars off a Facebook Buy/Sale/Trade group and will be sending them off to the same guys who made the table for refinishing, and then I'll be recovering them with some cute fabric. I'll be sure to show you the finished product in the next few weeks! Luckily, the bench is perfect for Ronnie and I to sit at together, and the only company we have over regularly loves us enough to not mind our fold up chairs in the meantime.

I already am in love with having a table that fits our space and our style of home decor. Our old table was nice, but it was too small and the room didn't feel finished. Ronnie and I found ourselves eating almost every meal on the couch, or sometimes at the bar, but now that we have a table we love, we've sat here almost every day together. Its where we discuss our days, plan out our weeks, and talk about our long term dreams and plans. Its where I blog and sit down with my day designer, planning my week. It creates a space for bible study, journalling, and prayer. I already can imagine sitting around it with our best friends at dinner club, and having our little guy join us once he is old enough to sit in a highchair. 

PS: Treasure Valley Table Company didn't compensate me in anyway for this post. I just love my table so much, I wanted to share! If you're local and looking for a table, I couldn't recommend this locally owned business more! The guys behind the company are the nicest guys who delivered this to us at no cost when we couldn't get a table and have patiently answered my questions about care and maintenance. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in knowing how much I paid for the table. It feels tacky to announce it on the blog, but I am more than happy to tell you over a private e-mail.

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