Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh, HEY Friday!

Its the best kind of Friday-one where the weekend ahead is three days long! Not only that, but its going to be an extra sweet weekend because its Valentines Day! <3 Today I am sharing five things that make me really, really excited.

My Valentine <3 

O N E | Our new kitchen table was delivered last night. We had it custom built from a local builder, and it was an absolute steal not only cost wise, but quality as well. I knew it would look good, but when they set it down in my dining room I squealed with joy. I snapped a pic for Karissa and my mom, but it was dark outside and it hardly did the beauty justice, so next week, I will share more about it. I had breakfast sitting at the bench they made us to match it and I just could picture having our friends over for dinner club, and this time next year having a little baby boy sitting in his highchair around the table with us. Ahh!

T W O | This year, Ronnie and I are going out to dinner tonight, and I am putting on a dress and curling my hair and all of that jazz. My mom and I found a super cute black maternity dress on clearance last weekend, so I am breaking that out and a red lipstick and going on a hot date with my hubby. He won't tell me where we're going though, and I also have a mystery place I have to be at 3:30 PM today, so I am really looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve. Tomorrow, to carry on our Valentines Day traditions, we will be ordering a heart shaped pizza and relaxing together.

T H R E E | We just found out that our tax return was more than we were expecting this year, and that is a huge blessing to us. Before June will be replacing my two door car and upgrading to a family car and the tax return is really going to help us with that purchase. I am so thankful!

F O U R | I am getting ready to make some big changes to the blog and I am going to be working with the lovely Rachel from Oh Simple Thoughts. We have a virtual date early next week to start putting my dreams and plans into action, and I can't wait to share more with you guys. I have been itching to make some changes and I've finally taken the plunge. Stay tuned!

F I V E | Today I only work til one pm because Ronnie and I get to go to the doctor to see our little baby boy! They asked us to come back for a recheck of his stomach, and instead of being anxious about it, I am just thankful we get to see his sweet self one more time. After my appointment, we're both off the rest of the day and don't come back to the office until Tuesday. PRAISE.

I am signing off now because I have big plans to tackle my to-do list at the office for the five hours I am here! I am knee deep in auditing a project and am trying to get caught up, so I plan on listening to to the Serial podcast to keep me motivated and on task. Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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