Monday, February 9, 2015

21 Week Bumpdate

I haven't taken a lot of pictures this pregnancy because I have had the hardest time getting motivated to get in front of a camera! But my bump is really visible now, and I actually look pregnant and not just like I have a food baby so that makes me excited. Now that I am (just over) halfway through my pregnancy, I decided it was time for our first bump date. I was 21 weeks on Friday, so I am a little past the halfway point which is so exciting. I feel like my pregnancy is flying by, but then I start feeling like I still have forever to go.

Size of the baby: About the length of a carrot

Total weight gain: About 13 pounds-yikes!

Gender: A little prince

Maternity clothes: I am really starting to embrace the maternity clothes. I can still make a few pairs of pants work with my BellaBand, and long/flowy tops still fit, but maternity clothes are much more comfortable and more flattering. I had to buy some new tank tops for under my shirts and some workout clothes because I wasn't fitting into my pre-pregnancy workout pants and the tops were too short.

Movement: Over the past two weeks I've felt him move at least every day, but the movements are still subtle. Usually when I first get to work he is super active, and when I lay down to go to sleep at night I can always feel him. The doctor always comments how active he is when we get an ultrasound or she uses the doppler, and always asks me "Can you feel that?!"

Sleep: I have slept wonderfully this pregnancy, except for waking up at least once a night to go to the bathroom. I can't believe how frequently I have to pee!

Nursery: The paint is done, and last weekend Ronnie and I built the dresser (I built the drawers!) and he also built the crib last week with the help of his friend, Dale! My mom and I picked up a mattress for the crib and a sheet because we were dying to see how it looked all put together. The last big thing for the nursery I need is the glider. I have started collecting some fun decor pieces and can't wait to start putting it all together.

Craving: I haven't been able to get enough fruit! Every day I bring a fruit bowl to work with pineapple, blueberries and strawberries and it makes me so happy. A couple of weeks ago I ate an entire pineapple myself in 24 hours. #noshame

Symptoms: Maybe TMI but I have to go to the bathroom SO MUCH. One day I was working on a project at work and I kept having to stop what I was doing, get up and walk to the bathroom and I was so irritated! I timed how often I went and it was every 35 minutes! My mom and I went shopping today and she couldn't stop laughing at how often we had to stop for me to pee! I am thankful that is my only "symptom" right now.

Exercise: Last week I made the decision to get back into doing some form of exercise. I've always been the type of person who needs it for my mental well-being and took the first 15-16 weeks of pregnancy off because I was so sick, but now that I am feeling better, I want to stay active throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I only managed to workout twice, but I feel good about it and this week I am shooting for three times.

Ronnie is: Tired of building baby furniture. HAHA. Kidding, but not really. Little does he know, the fun has just begun!

Looking forward to: Dinner club with our friends tonight, Valentines Day dinner reservations, and a spa day next Monday with my mom. In April one of my best friends is coming into town for my shower too and I am already counting down the days!

Best moments: Seeing the nursery start to come together and finding out another one of my girlfriends here in Boise is pregnant!

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