Friday, January 2, 2015

What I am Focusing on in 2015

Today is a good day-my pal Karissa is coming over in a few hours to help transform my house into a pink and blue wonderland for our gender reveal party tomorrow afternoon. We will be baking cupcakes, cookies in the shape of mustaches and bows, creating bows for those that are on #teampink and making those fluffy tissue paper balls. It should be a smashing good time.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to focus on in 2015, and its been really hard for me to see past the big, life changing event that is happening in June. The whole, bringing a baby into the world and becoming a mom thing. I debated about not setting goals, or resolutions because I felt like I should get a free pass, or something like that, but then I thought that was silly and there are areas of my life I want to improve on in 2015.

+ I want to be more diligent about spending time in prayer and reading God's word so that I may be able to hear and discern God's voice in my every day life. This was a goal of mine in 2014 and I have to be honest, I think I spent the least amount of time reading my bible in 2014 than I have years prior. Coincidentally or maybe not, I also felt like I had an above normal amount of anxiety and fear that hindered me and I do not think these things are unrelated. Above all, I want to rest in the promises & plans of the Lord instead of desperately trying to hold on to things and make them fit my plans I've worked out for myself and my life.

+ I want to save at least six weeks worth of pay by July 1st so I can take the entire three months off of work when the baby comes without having to feel stressed financially or dip into our emergency savings. I've broken this down and set monthly goals dependent on what expenses we have each month, and it will be a stretch for us especially the months we still have our school payment, but it is definitely doable if we are diligent with our spending and budgeting.

+ I want to take a small, weekend trip with my little family. We tried to  find a way to make a weekend trip work before the baby comes but after looking at finances and wanting to pay for it all in cash, we've decided it might have to wait til I am on maternity leave. Newborns are the easiest age to travel with so I am quite pleased with the idea of taking a relaxing trip somewhere like to the Oregon Coast with my husband and baby in August or September.

+ I am going to declutter, simplify and organize my house so I can do a better job of maintaining a peaceful space. I have two very conflicting personalities when it comes to cleaning/organization: I HATE clutter, but I also am not the most neat person. Sometimes within a day of cleaning our bedroom there are clothes and shoes all over the floor and coffee cups and water bottles on the nightstand and it makes me go bonkers. When my house is messy, I get really stressed and anxious. Yesterday I was grabbing a serving platter from one of the closets and out comes flying a random plate that was placed on top of it and it smacked me in the face. I was so mad, mostly at myself for letting closets and guest rooms become a place of housing crap we didn't have a home for. I have no choice but to start cleaning out space because we are adding another body to this house who coincidentally comes with a LOT of stuff.

+ I want to document more of our every day lives, both in photos and on the blog. When life gets crazy, which it really did this past fall/winter,  the first thing that goes is blogging and picture taking. I either don't feel put together enough for a photo or don't have the energy to bring my nice camera around, or maybe we just aren't doing things that I think are "photo worthy" but I don't want being busy to be an excuse to not document the big and small moments in 2015. Especially with a new baby coming into our lives, I want to have words and photos to look back on this exciting season of anticipation and joy for us.

These are a few things I want to focus on this year, and I am planning on breaking each of these big goals down into smaller, monthly goals to keep me on target. Did you set goals for the year? What are you focusing on in 2015?

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