Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gender Reveal Party

This past weekend not only did we celebrate the New Year, but the most exciting thing for me was finding out the gender of little baby Rasmussen! We scheduled our appointment for just four hours before the party, and my stomach was full of butterflies and nerves the days before the appointment worrying about the baby being in a position that made it impossible to tell the gender. On Saturday, the day of our appointment, the couple that went in before us left without knowing the gender of their baby because he/she wouldn't cooperate and I was just sure that was going to be us! Luckily though, and maybe thanks to the Jamba Juice I had before the appointment, our baby was squirmy and did somersaults the entire time and we left with a gender in an envelope.

My best friend Karissa's mom was the first to know, and she was in charge of getting the right color balloons. She did an AMAZING job, even though our first plan didn't work, she quickly made a plan B and the reveal went off without a hitch! I couldn't have thrown this party without Karissa and her mom-Karissa and I spent Friday baking and making little teeny tiny bows and decorating, and then they took photos at the party as well!

We went with a hot cocoa bar theme along with cookies, brownies and cupcakes. We had mustaches and bows for everyone to wear their guess, and I tried snapping photos of all the party guests but only got pictures of about half of them. Having everyone gathered around while we found out such exciting news filled my heart and I was just glowing the entire time. There's nothing I love more than having the people I care about in one room!

These two, Karissa and Stacey are seriously the best friends a girl could ask for. Not only did they help me pull of this amazing party but they are my #1 confidants and always let me complain, and even enable me when I want to go fill up on breadsticks at Olive Garden. LOVE YOU LONG TIME pals. 

And now on to the guesses-we snapped these pictures before the reveal, and obviously there were more team girl people but my friend Laura, my mom, and Stacey's husband Jakob were actually right to pick team boy! Grandma's intuition was more accurate than mom's! I was convinced it was a girl for some reason, but I was happily surprised to find out it was a boy! I've already started dreaming up nursery ideas and going shopping for teeny tiny baby flannels for our little boy!

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