Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shine Bright In Holiday Photos

Our Christmas cards were delivered on Friday and I was giddy with excitement when I opened them. I love everything about this season, but Christmas cards are one of my favorite traditions. I love receiving them from friends and family near and far, I love taking special pictures for them, and sending them out to spread some holiday cheer to those I love. This year Erin designed them for me and I love how unique and personal they are to us and our family this year. We even got to include our baby announcement photo on them which will be so fun for all our family who doesn't check in on social media often to see. I will be sharing our card soon after I get them all sent out!

Holiday photos don't always have to be done with a hired photographer-you can use a tripod, or ask a friend to take some in front of your Christmas tree. This year we were able to get together with our wedding photographer Carli to take our anniversary pictures which we also used for our Christmas card and the day after, we had family pictures with my family. Of course, I scoured Pinterest for days trying to figure out the perfect color scheme for our outfits, and we picked some gorgeous locations, but the secret weapon for a picture-perfect holiday photo is of course, your smile.

Before any big events and especially before Christmas card photos, the first thing I do is run to my nearest Target for a box of Crest Whitestrips. Target is my go-to place for Whitestrips because not only am I always there, especially this time of year, but they frequently have coupons too! Right now you can get $7 off your purchase of Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme FlexFit Whitestrips at

Crest’s best whitening system gives you professional results for a flawless holiday smile--right at home. I swear by them for a white, sparkling smile. They are cost effective and they work just as well as professional whitening treatments! They are perfect stocking stuffers too. My husband always is stealing packets out of my box to whiten his own teeth, so this year he may find some of these of his own in his stocking!

I try and wear mine while getting ready in the mornings-its so easy to put them on and let them do their magic while I blow-dry and straighten my hair, get dressed and pack my lunch. By the time I am ready for my morning coffee and breakfast, its already time for them to come off. I love how easy they are to use and how quickly I see results! For someone who drinks as much coffee as me, these are a necessity for a beautiful smile.

This Christmas season, don't be afraid to show your beautiful smile. If you want it to be extra sparkly and bright, definitely take advantage of the $7.00 off coupon on a box of the Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme FlexFit Whitestrips.

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