Monday, December 1, 2014


Coming off of a four day Thanksgiving break should be easier right? Getting back to work and back in the swing of every day life should be a breeze after a restful weekend with friends and family, but alas, I am on the struggle bus a little bit today. Not because I didn't have an amazing weekend, but because I wasn't quite ready for it to be over.

This weekend was incredible-Thanksgiving I ran the annual Turkey Day 5k, and then we went over to my brother and sister in law's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I always love spending time with my family but it had been awhile since we all got together and we had such a good time eating all the amazing food, talking, laughing, playing with my precious niece and nephew and watching football. Well, the guys watched football and us girls chatted. We had such a fun time together I forgot to take one picture but thats okay because sometimes the best memories are kept in our hearts.

Aside from a brief stint of Black Friday shopping, I spent the majority of the weekend in my flannels reading, blogging, entering giveaways and watching gossip girl. But after church on Sunday, I decided it was time to start tackling one of our guest rooms that became a poorly organized storage closet for all the items that I didn't want to deal with over the past few months. As I started organizing, the pile of things that we never used started growing, rapidly. And I found myself looking around my house. My guest room, my closet, our pantry, and our garage. I saw a fridge  that was full of food that sometimes, goes bad before we could eat it. I saw an overflowing closet of clothes I don't wear. I saw bags and purses stacked at the bottom of a storage tote, long forgotten about. I saw a whole lot of excess, a lot of material things that at one point, I thought I needed but as soon as something newer came along, I quickly discarded.

I was again, like last week, reminded of just how privileged and blessed I am to live the life I lead. I felt a tugging at my heart to reduce, to simplify, to let go of my need for material things. To pursue finding my joy and contentment in Christ alone, instead of in things that can't possibly fulfill me. I pray, especially in this season of Advent that Christ alone can be my portion as clothes and food and comfort always fall short.

This month, I plan to study Gods word diligently, going through an Advent study, while praying for Him to heal me of my greed, my materialism, and my selfishness. I plan to focus on ways I can give, instead of what I can buy to fulfill my selfish wants. I hope to rid my home and my life of the excess and donate it to a charity so it can bless others. I plan to live for something bigger than my own happiness.

Tell me-is excess something you struggle with? How do you break the trap of consumerism? 

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