Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anniversary Pictures

Ronnie and I hit the photographer jackpot when we met our wedding photographer (and her husband!) I knew from the very beginning that we wouldn't be saying goodbye at the end of our wedding but "see you later" because I knew they would be in our lives for a long time. We were lucky enough to get to spend an evening with them in October shooting these gorgeous fall anniversary pictures and afterwards we went out to dinner and enjoyed our time with them and their new baby Carter. 

If you are in Idaho and are getting married or want some gorgeous photos by an amazing photographer, you must check Carli Hobson Photography out! 
Her husband Beau is also an incredible videographer and I would (and do) recommend them to everyone I know!

Onward to the pictures: there are a LOT that I love, so I picked some of my favorites but I suspect there will be a round two of these pictures because I have even more favorites I want to show you! The hard part will be choosing one for our Christmas card!

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