Monday, October 20, 2014

Real Life Is Hard

This is no longer my view when I wake up and that is devastating 

Monday mornings are always a little harder than other mornings, but lets be honest, this particular morning, I am really struggling. Its the first Monday we're back to work after a week and a half vacation in Hawaii and I probably am going to be crying about it for the next week or two. Not only is the time difference a total killer because our bodies believe its four hours earlier than it actually is in Idaho, but now we have actual responsibilities and alarm clocks and have to make our own food. Wah way wah.

As for our weekend, although it was nice to have a weekend before returning to work, we stayed REALLY busy. We took the red-eye flight home Thursday night and arrived in Boise around 9:30 on Friday morning and went almost immediately to our beds and slept for most of the day. We met up with our wedding photographer and her husband that evening for a fall anniversary photo session and then went out to dinner with them which was a total blast. We absolutely adore them and love when we get to spend time with them. Our lovely photographer posted a sneak peak at our pictures that we are already in LOVE with. Fall is seriously the BEST.

Saturday morning we slept in til almost ten which is unheard of for us, but the time change was just killing me! It just so happens that our family pictures were scheduled for Saturday afternoon, so after lounging around feeling bad for ourselves that we were preparing our own food and wearing sweaters instead of swimsuits, we met up with my mom's side of the family and had even more pictures taken.

As soon as those were over, I headed to my gorgeous friend Karissa's pageant. Her mom and I are kindred spirits and got to the event an hour and a half early so we could be first in line and were Mrs. Meridian Villages biggest fans. Karissa did AMAZING and placed in the Top 15 AND she won Mrs. Photogenic because, duh, have you seen her? To celebrate we indulged in pizza and wine at her parents house after and it was seriously SUCH a fun night. I am so proud of her and if you want more details you should keep your eye out for a blog post from here in the near future.

Sunday was hard because it was full of adult, real life responsibilities like grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. We have a busy week coming up, Ronnie is starting his second quarter of school, I am babysitting, and I am running the Arthritis Foundation Run on Saturday. Its my last week of work in my current office which is SO bittersweet but I am looking forward to this new challenge. Stay tuned for more Hawaii stories soon, friends. Its SO good to be back.

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