Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm The Kind Of Traveler Who...

They say you can learn a lot about someone by traveling with them. If you were traveling with me on this vacation, you'd learn that I am the kind of traveler who...

Has never been accused of being a light packer. I may have packed a small carry-on suitcase (in addition to my large suitcase, laptop tote bag, and camera bag) and asked my husband to use it as his second carry on.

Hopes and prays and crosses my fingers that my bag is under the 50 pound weight limit.

...And when its not, I am seen furiously unloading things out of my suitcase on the floor of the airport and moving it to my carry-on.

Packs my cat slippers in my tote bag so my feet are warm and comfy during the plane ride.

Envys those girls with "airport style" while rocking my Lulumeon black leggings, a target hoodie and flip flops.

Full on sprints to my gate when my delayed flight causes me to come within two minutes of missing my connecting flight.

Priortizes finding and trying local coffee shops above all else.

Would choose a hole in the wall, shanty looking restaurant with amazing food before a fancy chain restaurant.

Watches with wonder as braver people than I jump off cliffs into the ocean but would NEVER do it myself.

Writes a blog post over from her balcony over looking the ocean because I finally feel inspired again. Something about that fresh salty air and the waves crashing.

Next week I have a handful of amazing bloggers coming to keep you company. Be sure to check back because they are all incredibly talented bloggers and writers and they have some amazing content to keep you entertained. I'll be back with stories and pictures from Hawaii before you know it.

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