Monday, October 6, 2014

Blogtober: 10 Things

Hallelujah for #Blogtober14 when you have writers block and don't know what to write. Okay, thats not entirely true because I could write about our anniversary because it was amazing but then I'd have to load pictures on my computer and edit and size and wow...its after eight PM on a Sunday and frankly, hopping into a bath with a Lush bath bomb, a glass of wine, and a book sounds so much more appealing. SO, I leave you with 10 Things I'd Tell Myself When I Started Blogging.

Helene in Between Blogtober

10 Things I'd Tell Myself When I Started Blogging

1. Just say no to small pictures. The bigger the better. LITERALLY.

2. Get a Facebook page for your blog now, not later.

3. Network with other new bloggers-swap ads, guest post, become besties.

4. Learn some basic coding and graphic design (actually, two years in and I still need to take this advice)

5. Your world doesn't revolve around blogging-its okay to take a day, or a week off if you need a break or life gets crazy.

6. Your life (or house or wardrobe or blog post etc) doesn't have to be pinterest worthy to be interesting.

7. White is the IN color. If you dont have white furniture, you can't sit with the cool bloggers.

8. You don't have to buy what everyone else thinks is cool or trendy if you don't actually personally like it. Its okay. For me, its Hunter Boots. Adorable on other bloggers, but not my thing and thats okay.

9. Don't be afraid to be open and vulnerable on your blog-just remember who might stumble upon it. Your grandma, your neighbor, your boss, etc.

10. Making blog friends over the internet and then meeting them in real life is SO FUN. (Hi Lisa!)

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