Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Be That Couple | Life With Amberly & Joe

Happy Tuesday! As you can imagine, Hawaii is amazing. Okay, well, lets be honest I am not in Hawaii as I write this but I WILL be in Hawaii when you read it. Never the less, I know it WILL be amazing so lets go with that. The lovely blogger I have here today is Amberly from Life With Amberly and Joe who I actually got to meet at a blog conference last week. I LOVE her marriage advice and wisdom, and she has more to share with you today!

Whenever I am out in public, I watch people. At restaurants, in the mall, on campus, at the store and around town. I'm entertained by first dates and public family outings, but I especially love to observe couples in love. I'm sure everyone will agree with me when I say that there's nothing better than an older couple who still holds hands in public, it's the one thing that I always hear people comment on. But I love to see couples of all ages in love and proud to show it! It makes me sad when I see two people who are obviously married or in a relationship but don't seem interested in each other or all that excited to be together. And although they may have a strong relationship, the way they act toward each other doesn't really shout, "We're in love!! We're in love!! And we don't care who knows it!"
My weird goal is to be the couple that everyone looks at and thinks, 'Man, they look like they have a lot of fun together and are really in love.' Whether people pay attention us when we're out in public or not, I never want to give anyone the impression that I am unhappy in my marriage, because that's never going to be the truth. We don't have a perfect relationship, it has its ups and downs, but do random strangers on the street need to be privy to the struggles we're having? No, most definitely not! Because the goal of my blog is to inspire other wives to have awesome marriages, I figure that the attitude I have about my online presence should carry over into real life as well. And if the way I interact with my husband inspires someone else to love their marriage more, that's even better!
Don't Be Afraid of a Little PDA Obviously nobody wants to see you make out and if you're too touchy, you'll make your friends and family sick, but that doesn't mean that you can't show each other some love. Holding hands, a quick leg squeeze, hugging and sometimes even a quick kiss are all fairly socially acceptable forms of touch in my opinion. Remember how everyone admires the little old couple who's still holding hands? You don't have to be old for hand holding in public to be something that people envy. Don't Criticize Each Other in Public Fights are going to happen and you're not always going to agree with what your spouse does or has to say, but letting them know how you feel in a public setting is awkward for everyone involved. Not only does it make those around you feel extremely uncomfortable, but it is also the opposite of letting everyone know how much you love your spouse. Save your disagreements for home and don't make your spouse look foolish. Don't Be Afraid of Having Fun Being an adult comes with responsibilities, but it doesn't mean that you have to stop having fun. I run into a lot of people my age who I don't think ever laugh or smile anymore, they take life so seriously maybe because they feel like they need to be really mature at their age or stage of life. Have fun with your spouse in public, do something silly and let loose a little. But obviously, still be respectful of others and think before you do something irresponsible. Don't Ignore Each Other for Your Phones I love to sit in a restaurant and look around at everyone eating dinner to see how many people have their phones out and are totally ignoring each other. It's something that my husband and I have been guilty of, but are trying to be better about. When you go out to spend time together, make it quality time. Don't treat your spouse like they're the least important thing on your mind, give them the attention that they deserve. Even if you're both mutually on your phone, it looks really silly to those around you and I PROMISE, people notice.
What do you do to ensure your love for your spouse is obvious when you're around other people?

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