Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Life Hacks by Nina

Another day where I am so thankful for ladies who are filling in for me here, giving you awesome content and keeping you entertained. Yesterday I worked a nine hour day, skipped my lunch break because I was so busy, worked out with my pal Karissa, and then came home and cleaned the kitchen so I didn't wake up overwhelmed/anxious by a mess. The last thing I wanted to do was crank out a blog post, so lucky me, Nina is here to save the day! Enjoy, friends!

Hey friends! I'm Nina, from The Grand Adventures of Me. I know, I know, the blog title is a bit grandiose. I'm thinking hard and praying a lot about re branding my blog, but nothing has come to me yet. I'm a lifestyle blogger, and I haven't had a ton of grand adventures lately, unless you want to count working at a Mexican restaurant as one of them. Sí, yo puedo hablar español ahora. A few things about me: I am getting back into the running groove, and I'm sorta kinda hating it. I am finishing up my last year of undergrad, and it makes me really sad. And I absolutely procrastinated on writing this blog post for Britney, and I definitely feel terrible about it! I saw this pin the other day that said "I'm a perfectionist with a procrastinator's complex." and that is soooo me. I'm really working on trying to fix all these things, but let's face it: I'm lazy. And since I'm lazy, I have developed a few things I like to call life hacks. 
1. When trying to become a morning person, put the coffee pot on the nightstand by your bedside table. That way, after you press snooze, you can just roll over, turn the coffee pot on, and then when your alarm goes off for the second time, you wake up to the fresh aroma of some nice hot coffee! (If you are rich and have a coffee pot with a timer, then this all becomes way easier.)
2. If you don't want to spend money, leave your wallet at home. I feel like this one is kind of a no-brainer, but I really have to do it sometimes. When friends want to go out shopping, I'm likely to pull out the little plastic card because I'm buying something on sale and I think I'm saving money when I'm actually spending money. Eek. I'm going to end up in a really crummy apartment if I can't save for rent.
3. When attempting to do something you really don't want to do (i.e. running, becoming a morning person, being nice to customer service), give yourself no options. If you are an undisciplined, lazy person like myself, then it will be easier to do your task if you don't even give yourself the option of laziness. When I was training for my half-marathon last year, I didn't allow myself to skip any days, unless the day was 0°, or unless I overworked my IT band (which happened in the end) and I actually succeeded!
(I'm on the right - and nope, we aren't twins!) 
4. Treat yo'self. I am a huge advocate in treating yourself. Wake up early to spend time with God. Put your phone away and read for ten minutes before you go to bed. Get a milkshake after a really hard day and don't think about the calories. We are hard working women, especially if we are working full-time, in school full-time, full-time mommies, and we blog. "Me-Time" is not only fun, but a necessity! You will thank yourself for it, your significant other will thank yourself for it, and basically everyone around you will thank you for it.
5. And finally, I'm going to get really cheesy, and quote Brittany's title over here. Happy really is a choice. I'm a pessimist realist attempting to become optimistic. The best life hack I can think of is choosing our destiny each day. We can choose whether or not we want a little thing to affect us negatively (which I so often do - hence, why I pull out my eyebrows when stressed. A terrible, terrible habit. I don't encourage it. On the upside, you learn how to pencil them in! And that's always fun. See what I did there? I looked on the bright side. #happychoices) or positively. For the sake of everyone around me, I really need to choose the positive side of things. No one wants a grumpy Nina. Unless I need food. Then I must be grumpy to get someone to feed me. Because I don't really know how to cook. 
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6. Bonus one: as I was falling asleep last night, I thought of this really great blog idea, and now, 8 hours later I'm awake and can't remember the idea at all. Write down all your blog ideas - even if you are on the verge of sleep. But not while you're driving, because that would be dangerous.  
Come visit me today! I'm sharing the secret on how to stay classy and sassy. Plus, I'm not saying there's a giveaway on my blog, but I'm not saying there's not a giveaway on my blog. I'm just saying if you love free stuff, like jewelry, I can hook a girl up. (There's totally a giveaway on the blog today.) 

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