Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Must Haves

I spent most of my weekend shopping. Happy for me, sad for my wallet. I stocked up on some pumpkin and fall scented candles, some work essentials, and even a few items for fall. Although I got some great stuff, I didn't get everything I fell in love with because of that dreaded B word: BUDGET. Womp womp. I am desperate for some new black fall riding boots and that gorgeous but backordered J. Crew Vest. 

I am also drooling over the  VS leggings because they are the world's most comfortable leggings and I would live in them if I could, but at sixty dollars a pair, they are slightly out of my price range for pants I only would lounge around home with. I may or may not have come home with that scarf though!

Finally, as someone with perfect 20/20 eyesight, I am feeling really envious of all you gals who get to rock trendy glasses. I am this close to just ordering myself the gorgeous Warby Parker Welty Glasses in Plum Marblewood with just clear lenses because I think they are a fashion must have this fall. If you see a picture of me in them, please just keep the fact that I dont actually need them between us, okay? As I was browsing online for the perfect pair of glasses, I found this infographic helpful in picking out the right size of glasses. For you lucky ones who get to rock glasses, what do you think? Do you use a measuring guide to pick out glasses or do you just try a bunch on until you find your favorite?

Infographic provided by Zenni

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