Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why I Am Convinced I Need A Dog

Friends. I experienced the second scariest moment of my life yesterday morning about 2:00 AM. And I realize now as I am typing it out, it really might not sound scary, but my heart was racing and I couldn't sleep after said moment for hours.

Ronnie and I were dead asleep on Monday night (early Tuesday morning). I was all packed and ready to leave out of town Tuesday morning for a work trip with a colleague, and was in a deep sleep when I heard my doorbell incessantly ringing at two in the morning. It wasn't just a couple of rings-the crazy who was outside our door rang it for a good two minutes straight, over and over and over. Ronnie bolted up, but scaredy cat me wouldn't let him go downstairs to answer the door and see what in the hell that crazy person was doing ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night.  I've seen TOO many crime shows and know that when crazy people ring doorbells late at night, they either A. Shoot the person who answers the door or B. barrel past the person and rob the house blind or C. Shoot the husband and attack the wife.

Meanwhile, our precious guard dog Jak was racing around with his little tail wagging. He didn't bark or growl or even go downstairs. I know in his head he was probably like "Dad! Someone is hear to see us! Dad! Lets get the door!" Some guard dog he is!

So, I've decided he needs a partner in crime. A big dog pal with a loud, scary bark to intimidate any crazy people who think they might want to come scare me senseless and ruin a good night of sleep for us.

These dogs look like good candidates for the job, what do you think?

So, you agree with me right? A second dog with a loud bark is definitely the answer to avoiding any more terrifying situations like I experienced yesterday, yes?

And-are Australian Shepard dogs barkers? Because our Aussie isn't, but we aren't sure if it is a personality thing or  a breed thing. Anyone know? 

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