Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Marriage Has Taught Me

Hello class-today we have a new friend joining us! Let me introduce you to my friend Sam from the Samantha Life. We met last fall through the Cara Box Exchange, and I am so glad we did! Her blog is one of my daily reads, so I just know you'll want to hop on over to her blog right away. Just be sure you read her awesome post HERE today first and tell her how great she is. 

Hi, friends! I'm Samantha and I blog at The Samantha Life. I have "known" Brittany for awhile now (we actually met through the Cara Box Exchange) and absolutely love reading her blog so I feel very lucky to be here today. I'm also in my mid-twenties with no kids yet so right now I just have to worry about taking care of myself and my husband/partner-in-crime, Parker.

We like to laugh, watch hockey games, be outside, spend time with friends and family, be at the lake, and take pictures for the blog - oh wait, that last one is just me. We officially tied the knot after over 5 years of dating and here we are, 3-1/2 years married, just lovin' life.
A lot of what I write about on my blog centers around our marriage. Since it's just the two of us right now the day I said "I do" was the biggest day of my life and our relationship is my number one priority every day. On my blog I like to write about the fun things that we like to do as a couple and lots of times catch myself writing about how he makes me a better person. We have been a part of each other's lives for so many years, and yet I feel like he teaches me something new every day. 
These are some of the things that being married has taught me:

01 || In fact, I am not the most important person every morning. I'm guessing this will change even more drastically once we welcome babies into the world. It's not always about me as it often feels like growing up or even in the college years. It's about us and marriage has definitely taught me to be a much less selfish person. This is mostly because there is a person whose needs, wants, and desires I now deeply care about.
02 || However, it's ok to be selfish sometimes. In a marriage, the husband and wife need to take turns being the "strong" one for each other. Sometimes I have a bad day, I want to be sad & depressed, and I don't want to worry about anyone else or anything. Parker does not tell me I need to grow up, move on, and get over myself (although he probably wants to). He's there for me, just like I am for him when he's having his own mini pity-party.
03 || Life isn't about winning, being number one, folding the most clothes, or cooking the best dinner. I can get (a little) competitive at times and marriage has taught me that competition isn't always fun for all parties involved. And it is definitely not a quality that strengthens a relationship.
04 || Trying new things can be fun. I didn't really like the venison steak he made but I'm glad I tried it. He probably didn't like that new salad I made for dinner or the task of hanging our diy headboard on the wall. But it's a little exciting to try new things sometimes.
05 || Sometimes we just do things because we love the person who asks us to do it. (see above) :)
06 || Dream. This is my biggest lesson learned so far, and I'm still working on it. I believe that a man and a woman who choose to be husband and wife must always keep each other's dreams alive. Thank goodness my husband makes me think outside the box and reach for things that may never seem possible.
I hope you enjoyed having me and would love it if you stopped by my blog to say hey!
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