Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Vanilla Moment

I mentioned yesterday that one of my goals for August is to rest well. To simplify, to be present where I am, to enjoy little moments and have a heart of gratitude. One of the best things I can do to practice self-care is to slow down my life, and enjoy the things that make me feel peaceful and bring me joy. This summer has been a crazy one for a lot of us-I am writing this as I prepare to travel for a business trip to facilitate some interviews.

My favorite part of each week is Saturday mornings. I always have a grand idea that I might sleep in, but usually I am up before eight. I treasure being able to wake up slowly without an alarm clock, the smell of the coffee brewing, and spending my first few hours either reading, writing, or having uninterrupted time with my husband.

My Saturday mornings are fairly routine, I usually try to leave them as plan free as possible so I can enjoy them doing what I love. Does my routine sound "vanilla" to you? To me it does. It sounds classic, peaceful, and just what my soul needs after a busy and chaotic week. If you're using vanilla as a synonym for boring, you're using it wrong. Vanilla is anything but boring.

Each day when I make my coffee, I always reach for Coffee-Mate French Vanilla creamer to sweeten it up. I have tried almost every flavor of coffee creamer, but I always go back to the classic taste of vanilla. Vanilla provides a sensorial experience. Its subtle flavor and aroma are the perfect complement to the boldness of coffee.

My Vanilla Moments are the moments when I am most at peace. When I am unhurried, and enjoying the best things in life: good company, a strong cup of coffee, and a good book. These are the moments that I want to create more of this month. Moments where I can truly rest well, ready to take on what this crazy life inevitably has in store for us. Moments like my vanilla Saturday mornings make the chaotic work weeks bearable. Currently, I'm traveling for work and am off to spend my day interviewing, already looking forward to Saturday morning.

What about you? What vanilla moments do you love? Show us how much you love Classic Vanilla. Snap a photo of your own vanilla moment and share it with the hashtag #TakeBackVanilla (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) for a chance to have your photo featured on Coffee-mate’s social channels. Tag me in it too so I can follow along! You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!
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