Monday, August 25, 2014

Guest Blogger: Megan from Arroway

Its Tuesday and I have another gorgeous blogger taking over my space here today! I am so thankful to have someone to help me keep y'all entertained, especially when my week is crazy busy with travel and work commitments! Say hello the the ever lovely Megan!

Hello! My name is Megan and I blog over at Arroway. I just LOVE people. I am the true extrovert at heart. So we should become friends because that's what bloggers do right? they make friends with errybody!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself! In two weeks my husband and I are celebrating ONE year of marriage! It's been a fun year! That's for sure.

We live in the great state of Montana with our two doggies! This state has brought me such a great sense of adventure and love for the outdoors! If you ever get the chance, come visit! Our house is on the way to Glacier National Park! Some of our hobbies include, rock climbing, skiing, biking, boating (hello laketime!) and so much more! So if you're ever up in the area, we will take you for a fun tour!

Aside from being a slight adrenaline junkie (I say slight because I am a pansy sometimes!!) I am a hippie at heart! I love all things all-natural, growing my own herbs, not showering (kidding...kind of), clean eating (and cooking!!!) and attempting to make my own stuff!

Earlier this summer I opened up my Etsy shop as a way to have a more artistic outlet for more homemade products as opposed to just my normal business  and wedding clients (whom I love dearly!!).  I believe that a handmade home, is a happy home! More importantly, I want my art to display the love of Christ and  encouraging notes! I love filling my home with beautiful words and quotes that inspire and uplift. So come check it out!

Also, if you really enjoy my shop, I'm giving you the chance to win this print from it! So enter my giveaway to win this print (What I love most) and be my friend!

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