Wednesday, August 6, 2014


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Reading: I just finished the Real series by Katy Evans and absolutely could NOT get enough of those books. I LOVE to read and sometimes books just hit me right at my core and other times, I enjoy them and think they're good, but they're don't always have the the same gut wrenching, can't put it down til I finish, need more of this story feeling. Anyway, Real was one of those books I devoured and was heartbroken to see end, and now I am reading More Than Her, which is another great book but it pales in comparison to Real.

Enjoying: quiet time in my hotel room. There's something relaxing about being on a business trip because after I finished my work day of interviewing job applicants, I had about an hour and a half of work to finish on a presentation I am giving in a few weeks, but then I really didn't have responsibilities. At home, I feel like there's always a mile long to-do list where as when I'm away, theres no dishes that need put away, laundry to fold, or appointments I need to run to. I ate dinner in a little restaurant and read and then came back to my room to do some blog catch up and writing. Bliss. I do miss my cute husband though something fierce and am ready to kiss his face tomorrow.

Listening to: Taylor Swift old school-think You Belong With Me and White Horse. There's just something about old school Taylor that brings me back to my college days, when I felt all the feels and felt like she was writing the exact words in my heart I just couldn't say. Now days, I don't identify as much with her lyrics but I still LOVE her music. I may or may not have listened to her albums the whole 2.5 hour drive I had yesterday for my trip.

Photographing: All things coffee, my front porch, and moments I want to remember.

Feeling: A little discouraged. I am really bad at getting my hopes up. I try to not do that, because I always end up disappointed if things don't go the way I plan out in my head, but its a fatal flaw of mine. We got some disappointing news this week and I am pretty bummed about it. We know that God has already ordained every day of our lives in His book, and that we can make plans but HIS purpose prevails, but sometimes my emotions get the best of me. Today, I'm still reeling in the news but am remaining hopeful.

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