Friday, August 22, 2014

5 Things I'm Thinking About

Ohhh hey Friday. So nice of you to show your pretty little face. I am sure each one of you is just as happy to see this lovely day as I am. Its been another crazyyyy week, and I have another one coming next week, so I am going to attempt to have a quiet and relaxing weekend.

A few things on my mind today:

1. All the negativity on social media is really getting to me lately! I mean, no matter where you look there is negativity surrounding the Ice Bucket Challenge, comments from people about how annoying it is that everyone is pregnant or engaged, negativity about negative people, and the list goes on and on. Social Media is full of people just wanting to vent to their thousand closest friends, and I just wonder if society has always been so focused on the negative, and so quick to share their opinion regardless if it might hurt someone, or if now that people have a big audience and get immediate validation from likes, favorites, and comments, they immediately feel the need to share. I am guilty of this myself, but its been bothering me more and more lately. Maybe its time for another social media break?

2. Its no secret our budget is streched tightly with Ronnie in school, but it seems like we are busier than ever before! With all my traveling for work lately, and the babysitting I'm doing for extra money on top of Ronnie's school and two jobs, we have very little downtime. I've been thinking really hard about seeing if there is a way to stretch our budget, sacrifice a dinner out or my beloved Starbucks to hire someone to help us clean twice a month! My pal Ashten does this, and I thought to myself how nice it would be to not have to spend one of our few days off scrubbing the house every weekend. Its definitely something I'm pondering, even if I don't know if its do-able right now.

3. Speaking of being insanely busy, I've decided to take a little hiatus from offering Sponsor Packages for other bloggers. Rest assured, the ads that are currently running or are queued up to begin soon, you will get all the love and attention and perks you paid for. But, going forward, I think I am going to take a break so I don't have a huge weight sitting on my shoulders, reminding me that if I don't blog then my sponsors might suffer. Sometimes I get so anxious about making sure I am keeping up with all my Sponsors, and I feel so much pressure to come up with great content and do my shoutouts and spotlights, it sucks the fun right out of blogging. I have a lot of travel scheduled for the fall, and will be babysitting twice a week (or more) after I get off my regular job, I just dont think I can devote as much time to my Sponsors as I'd like. I don't want someone wasting their hard earned money on a sponsor package with me unless I can really commit to helping them grow their blog. Hard decision, but its just for this season while life is craaazzzy.

4. We're still debating the second dog idea. Part of me says yes, we NEED a protector in the family, and the other part of me realizes that A. Dogs are expensive and B. Puppies need a lot of time and attention, which you have probably gathered isn't something we have a lot of at this moment. Also, puppies chew and pee on the floor and I don't love that.

5. I AM SO READY FOR FALL SHOWS TO BE BACK. Hello Scandal, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Nashville. Looking at you. Come back to me.

S P O N S O R   S P O T L I G H T

Carlee is one of my new blogging pals, and I am so happy to get to introduce you to her! She is a fellow Diet Coke addict, so immediately I felt kinship with her. Carlee is also a student at the same school Ronnie is attending, even though she's attending on the other side of the country than he is! Bless you, online school! I think Carlee has the most kind and genuine heart. Even though she is young and in her early twenties, God has really laid on her heart a love and desire to adopt a child one day. Although she isn't to that point in her life yet, she's started to pray for that child, whoever he or she may be and I think that is SO incredible.

Her writing always makes me stop and think, like her post that reminded me that life isn't always about the plans we make for ourselves, but instead, to appreciate the unexpected way God changes our course for good. Carlee is a sweet and charming girl who I know you will love. Go stop by and say hello!

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