Thursday, July 24, 2014

What I'm Reading V.2

I have loved books for as long as I lived. As a child, I would harass my parents by going up to them over and over again with the same book begging them to read to me. I'm fairly certain one of my first words was book or read. I learned how to read at the beginning of kindergarten and by second grade, I was signed up for the Baby Sitters Club Book Club, and was getting four books mailed to my house per month. I would lock myself in my room and plow through those four books in approximately three days. Everywhere my parents took me, I had a book with me. I even tried sneaking a flashlight and a book into a movie that my dad and brother forced me to go to, but my Dad said I'd annoy the other patrons.

I say all that to say-I REALLY love to read. My favorite way to spend my lunch break is sipping a diet coke in my car reading a good book. So, here's a few books I've been reading lately.

1. Beautiful Oblivion- I LOVE Jamie McGuire. I read Beautiful Disaster and fell in love with her, her writing, the characters in her stories. I literally felt what the characters felt- I cried with them, I yelled at them, and I felt like I was living their life. I love books like this-emotional, intense and have me feeling like I not only understand the characters but I AM the character in the story. Anyway, this is a book that follows some of the characters introduced in Beautiful Disaster and I really LOVED the story. It wasn't your typical goody two-shoes meets bad boy and they fall in love and I loved that the heroine was strong and independent and feisty. I have to say-I loved the book until I got to the end and then I was so lost and confused. I was scratching my head thinking "WTF!" and I had to google what actually happened. I had an idea but I wasn't sure-and I didn't love the ending. 

2. More Than This- This was  a decent read. It was really tragic at the beginning, and it made my heart hurt for the main character. I enjoyed the read, but I still always compare books in this genre to some of my favorites like Hopeless & Beautiful Disaster. I liked the chemistry between the main characters but I thought they could've been developed a little more. I still will  probably will read the other books in this series at sometime. 

3. Bittersweet-I normally don't read a lot of non-fiction books, but here and there I will pick one up. I fell in love with Shauna Niequist when I discovered her blog, and her writing spoke to my soul. This book though-it is AMAZING. It has spoken so many life giving words of truth about fear, anxiety, worry, contentment and faith that I can't say enough good things about it. Some of her thoughts about contentment & comparison have really done a work on my heart that I am going to share more with you guys soon. If you read any of these books I listed today-read Bittersweet. SO GREAT. If you're a fan of the book Bread & Wine, this is by the same author and you will LOVE IT!

I'm linking up with Rachael from The Rachael Way today and if you have any good book recommendations, PLEASE leave them in the comments. I am hungry for good books lately!

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