Wednesday, July 23, 2014


*This is a guest post written by Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange.

A few months ago, my family and I moved back to our hometown and have spent this time getting back into the swing of things, meeting up with friends, and finding a new home church. We have finally found the place that God is calling us to be in community with fellow believers and serve Him and we are really enjoying it so far! One of my favorite things about this church is that they are so gospel centered, from their "welcome speech," to their music, to their messages. I am challenged each and every week and adore the raw, real, experience of worshipping alongside those people each week. Since we are the "newbies," we are still learning some of the songs that they play frequently, and I found myself standing in awe as I let the words of a song we sang this last week ("Raised to Life") truly sink in and become a sort of anthem for my life. The whole song focuses on how we are all new creations in Him, but the bridge speaks the loudest, to me:

Sin was strong
But Jesus is stronger
Our shame was great
But Jesus you're greater

I really just love how God will use lyrics to a song or something from His word to remind us of just how much he loves us and just how much He did for us. If you've read my story before, you know that I have made (and continue to make) so many bad decisions that it is basically unfathomable. I snap at my husband, get frustrated with my son, think things I shouldn't think, and a million other things each and every day. Those four lines just remind me time and time again that though my sin and temptation is strong, my Jesus is stronger. That though my shame was so, so great, my Jesus was, and always will be, greater.

Throughout all of my bad decisions and worry, He has always been constant--lavishing more grace on me with each new morning and giving love where it was so undeserved. These words remind me that no matter what I face and no matter how weak I may feel, that I serve a strong God. A God that has already overcome the world (John 16:33) and is always stronger and always greater.

I hope that this little reminder has been as much an encouragement to you as it was to me. I have written these words on the front of my journal and would encourage you to pray these words as a prayer of thanks to Him!

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