Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blogging Is Hard

I realize that I probably don't have a lot of credibility, joining in on this "Blogging Is Hard" prompt because some of the people who are writing about why blogging is hard blogged every day in July. I on the other hand, did not. In fact, the only reason I have a blog post today is because last night I decided to apply self tanner and teeth whitening strips at 10:15 PM at night. 10:15 is approximately 45 minutes PAST my bed time, but then I had to stay up an extra thirty minutes so A. I didn't turn the sheets orange where I am house sitting, and B. To leave these painful but magical whitening strips on to do their magic.

Anyway-can I just get a big collective AMEN when I say YES, blogging is hard. It is HARD to come here day in and day out with new, creative, refreshing, inspirational, funny, and honest content that people want to read. It is REALLY HARD. I think its extra hard because we put all this pressure on ourselves to have "pinterest worthy" posts, posts that people will pin 800 times and share all over their social media feeds. Sometimes, I just want to tell you about my day and the guy I saw in Starbucks studying while his little son quietly sat next to him on an iPhone, but I tell myself its not "pinterest worthy" and therefore, no one will want to read it. LIE. Thats a lie I let myself believe too often.

I also think blogging is hard because we put so much pressure on ourselves to show up when sometimes, life plain gets in the way. I've been out of the house every night this week and all day long, in the middle of meetings and during my evening activities, I stress about when I am going to find time to blog. And not only show up with some thoughts thrown together but a QUALITY post with corresponding graphics and expertly styled photos. Help.

Blogging is hard because it takes so much time to write, edit, take pictures, edit pictures, make graphics, share your posts on social media, reply to comments, engage with friends on social media etc. Lets not get started on how hard sponsors can be and the whole debate about sponsored posts. Lets not, because its exhausting just thinking about it.

All of this stuff is hard work. Its exhausting. Its time consuming and it takes effort. But, doesn't everything good in life take hard work and effort? Relationships and careers and children are hard, but good. The best things in life aren't free....or is that saying the best things in life are free? Well, blogging certainly isn't "free" and I certainly put my hours in here, but I keep showing up because of you. You right here reading, you who comments the thoughtful and sweet comments day in and day out, you who emails me to tell me that post I thought no one read was exactly what you needed to here. I show up for the friendships I've created and the people I wouldn't have the real pleasure of knowing if it wasn't for blogging.

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