Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 Things I'd Splurge On

You've heard me talk about how we are on a budget and are working very hard to save our pennies and pay for Ronnie's school debt free. I've analyzed our budget over and over and figured out where to trim it, but I also have a few things that I seriously do not mind spending money on here and there. Most of these things just show me that I am actually, quite lazy. Just kidding. I would call myself very busy with a limited amount of time, not lazy.

10 Things I'd Splurge On

1.Someone to clean out all one MILLION spam comments from my blog (Thanks, Annie)

2. A Deep cleaning of my house

3. Getting my car washed and vacuumed

4.Staying in a decent hotel room when we travel that doesn’t look like its rented by the hour

5. Diet Coke from the fountain

6. PicMonkey 4.99 monthly fee for unlimited to access to all the fonts and editing tools.

7. Extra data on my cell phone plan

8. Healthy food that inevitably costs three times as much as food from the box. I’m looking at you, Quinoa and Coconut milk.

9. My house to be cool at night when I go to sleep

10. Getting my eyebrows waxed.

What about you-what are you okay with shelling out a little of your hard earned money for? Expensive jeans that fit right and make you feel like a million bucks? A babysitter so you can go out on regular date nights? I'm linking up today with Erica for "Listed Tuesdays" so if you want to play along and write a list of well, anything ,then feel free to link up at the bottom of this post!

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