Friday, June 27, 2014

Love, Don't Love

Happy Friday! We're officially on vacation in Chicago this weekend visiting family and celebrating a friend's wedding. Today we're off to explore the city with our best friends who moved back to Illinois from Idaho last summer. Hopefully you follow me on Instagram so you can keep up with our adventures! Today calls for a little Love, and Don't Love session-things I'm loving right now, and things I'm not loving so much. Simple, really.

L O V E 

An extended weekend out of town and away from work. Such a needed break!

Being here in Chicago-we are staying with Ronnie's sister and her family, and we are loving the time we get to hang out with them. Last night we roasted marshmallows and caught fireflies, because thats what summers are for, am I right?

Getting a full day to hang out with our friends Jordan and Steph. I have said goodbye to quite a few friends in my adult life as life takes us to new places, but I still feel the sting of my dear friend Steph being so far away. I was so happy to see my friend again I could barely sit still without jumping up and down and bouncing around. Reunions with friends are just plain sweet.

Getting to hang out with (and eat chocolate) with one of my favorite blog friends, Lisa tonight!

Celebrating MARRIAGE. One of Ronnie's best friends is getting married Sunday, so this weekend is full of festivities and I am so excited to celebrate with them. I love being married and I love taking a small part in helping other couples celebrate their big day.


I don't love being away from my animals. Is that weird? Every morning around 5:00 AM Ollie jumps on the bed to snuggle right up next to my head and I was just telling Ronnie I am going to miss that when I wake up while we're gone!

Only getting to spend a short period of time here-theres so many people we want to see and things we want to do, we could easily spend another week here and still not be ready to go home!

Rental car extra taxes and fees that sneak up on you last minute.

The fact I neglected to get an eyebrow wax before my trip.


S P O N S O R     S P O T L I G H T

I am so excited about this spotlight because there is NOTHING easier than spotlighting a blog that is a regular read, a blogger who's posts I'd NEVER miss. I introduce you today to Always Ashten, who is not only the author of a hilarious yet genuine and insightful blog, but also someone I'd call a good friend. My days are often filled with chatting with her via text or gchat  about anything from careers and jobs to boys and love. This girl is absolutely brilliant and my only complaint is that she lives TOO FAR away from me! She is one of those bloggers who is 100% real-one that will never only show you the "pinterest perfect" parts of her life, but be open about whats on her heart, her mind and even what she's struggling with. She always makes me laugh and is a fiercely loyal friend who I am lucky enough to have 'met' through blogging.

Here are a few of my favorite posts by Ashten:

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You can find her on social media here: Blog // Instagram // Twitter  // Facebook


  1. This looks like so much fun! Have fun while you are there!

  2. Umm you can do my sponsor spotlights all the time because THIS IS THE NICEST EVER. Love you, darling. Have fun in Chicago!

  3. Have a wonderful trip! I'm heading to check out Ashten now, she sounds pretty awesome ;)

  4. First off, I'm so jealous of your roasted marshmallows. All i want in life is a good s'more...I think I may have to make one tonight, inspired by you :)
    I know y'all are going to have such a great time. Enjoy every second! And what a sweet shoutout to Ashten--you always make people feel so special! You are a sweetheart!

  5. Visiting family and friends is always so hard when you have a limited amount of time. I hope you have the most amazing time and are able to fit in everyone you want to see!

  6. I love weekends away! Have a great trip Brittany!

  7. That is definitely the hardest part about traveling for me- being away from Oooj & Cleo! Even when they stay with my mom and I know they're being cared for, I'm still thinking of them. (Gosh, am I going to be 'one of those moms' or what?!) Hope you're having a great time in Chitown! We've had some pretty gorgeous weather this weekend!!