Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Its A Good Day When ... [A Link Up]

Hello friends-today is a good day! One of my best blogging pals and I have teamed up to host this simple, yet fun link-up. What makes a day good for you? Is is sleeping in, having a great workout, or seeing friends? Whatever it is, we want to know about it. This link up is open to anyone who wants to  fill in the blanks to "Its A Good Day When.."

Grab a button, tell us what makes your days great, and then link up below. The best part of link-ups is meeting all sorts of new friends-so definitely go say hello to everyone else while you're at it! Happy Wednesday, its a good day!

Two Martinis

O N E My husband wakes me up with breakfast and coffee in bed

T W O I can wake up slowly without an alarm

T H R E E I find money in the pocket of my jeans

F O U R I win a blog giveaway (I mean, this WOULD be  really good day if it ever happened, especially if it was cold hard cash or an iPad)

F I V E I get to have a night to myself watching Gossip Girl and eating chips and salsa in bed

S I X I have plans to catch up with my girlfriends after work over a glass of wine or $5 movie

S E V E N I get to see one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS I haven’t seen for a year (I get to do that FRIDAY in Chicago!)

E I G H T My husband and I have a day off together

N I N E I leave the office and I have a long weekend ahead of me

T E N Someone tells my boss how awesome I am

E L E V E N My mom reloads my Starbucks card

T W E L V E I get flowers delivered at my office just because

T H I R T E E N Coworkers bring in treats to the office

These are just a few things that make a really great day for me, so I'd love for you to write your post so I can learn what makes YOUR day great! Thanks for playing!


  1. You're such a gracious host, my sweet friend! Thanks for having us. You sure do have a sweet husband...breakfast in bed? He's definitely a keeper. And I LOVE finding money in my jeans/purse/etc. Always turns my mood around! The best? A day off with my husband. YUP!

  2. Couldn't agree more with all your picks, especially #2, 6 and 8. Today is an office lunch day, I love office treats too ;)

  3. Finding money in the laundry is the best!

  4. Coffee in bed...yes! My favorite way to start the day.

  5. Whenever I get a Starbucks gift day EVER. There is one on the campus I work at and I cannot get enough! And leaving the office with a long weekend ahead...EVEN BETTER! Next week :)

  6. <3 These all really do make for such great days!!!

  7. I found your blog through Tara's. I'm looking forward to joking in with this and getting to know you :)

  8. Thank you so much for this link up! I love these little reminders when I'm having a "not so good" day... There's always something, no matter how small, that can make any day a good day :)

  9. The BEST coworkers are the ones that bring treats into the office. I am not that coworker, though.