Friday, April 25, 2014

Life Lately

This post is brought to you by a bit of writers block-so I figured it was as good of time as any to fill you in on some of the happenings in the Rasmussen House. This past week has been a good one. Partially because I ran when I said I would, I made a valiant effort to stay on top of household chores, and I ate healthy, wholesome meals (that my husband prepared). I find it interesting that I’ve made some steps to having a more balanced and healthy week, but I still feel exhausted at the end of it.

Work has been good-its been busy, but I have found myself feeling like I am providing value and spending my time doing meaningful things instead of pushing paper. This next week will be another brutally busy week, as I have a teaching part in a training class for new supervisors I still have to prepare as well as a day trip to a meeting in another town with my boss, and her boss.

I’m about one month away from taking my PHR certification test. This test and the certification that results if I pass is extremely important, and I haven’t studied as much as I should this last well…month. Its time for me to get back on that horse so I can get those three letters behind my name when I sign my emails. Brittany Rasmussen, PHR. I like it.

I’m also three weeks away from my half-marathon. I have mixed feelings about this. This weekend we have a long run of nine miles planned, and it just seems SO LONG, it feels impossible.

I’m currently praying for God’s provision as we get ready to embark on a new season-Ronnie is going back to school this fall to get his degree in Christian Leadership and Management. We’ve decided to make every effort to put him through school without student loans. We’re in our mid-twenties and have made it this far with no debt and don’t think that getting into debt at this point in our life is a wise decision, so what that means for us is a very large expense that I don’t exactly feel prepared for. What we do know is God is a God who provides for His children and that we will somehow, someway make it happen. We both feel that Ronnie’s education is worth the sacrifices we might have to make in order to make ends meet.

I am a leader in our church’s youth group, and my group of girls are seniors this year. They are getting ready to graduate and go off to college, which apparently makes me a sappy emotional mess because Wednesday night when we were talking about their “Senior Night” I started crying real crocodile tears. I need some good ideas for graduation gifts, that wont break the bank (see above).

Finally, I am still doing a LOT of reading. I have watched far less TV the past couple of weeks because I’ve been so engrossed in the books I’ve been reading. I read Sea of Tranquility and LOVED it, and am in the middle of Slammed and I seriously cannot put it down. All I want to do is read, read read. At lunch, I have been sitting in my car with a diet coke and the windows down and reading for a straight blissful hours.

Featured Blogger

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Cassie from Always A Blogsmaid. Cassie was one of my first friends I met through blogging when I started this blog. She was one of the first people that read, commented and followed my blog besides my mom. She really inspires me with her running and weight loss journey, and I’ve seen her come to know and grow in her relationship with God in an awesome way. She also is one of the most real people I know, who isn’t shy about sharing about hard things like breakups and feelings about dating & singleness on her blog. She’s an authentic and true friend, and I’m glad blogging has caused our paths to cross. You should go stop by her blog and say hello.


  1. I love reading at lunch! It doesn't take me long to eat because I kind of break up my meals throughout the day, so it's great to read and break up the day! Plus my coworkers are all make and if they are in the conference room, they have sports on.

  2. My mom and some friends of mine know my love for a good children's book. For my graduation (from high school and later from college), I've been gifted some lovely children's books that speak to entering the world and all that jazz. One great one from my mom was called Yay You by Sandra Boynton and another lovely one (especially college graduation) was Courage by Bernard Waber. With a personalized note inside, it becomes a lovely way to write a card without the card and give something that can be easily read and referred to when things get overwhelming and scary. And it's affordable!

  3. Brittany, your post always put a smile on my face. I just love how much hope you have in the Lord and how you seek first after His Kingdom. It's so amazing that we have this community of girls through blogging to share our lives with. I hope your test goes well! Let us know how it goes. I think putting a "PHR" after your name is pretty stinkin' awesome, too! Enjoy your Friday, my friend!

  4. Only three more weeks until the half?! How freakin' exciting!!!!!!

  5. I hear ya on the mixed feelings about the half. It seems more intimidating now that it is getting closer. We can do it!!