Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

I'm going to be real with you friends-I didn't know if a blog post was going to get posted today. I don't know if its from traveling and being gone over the weekend, missing work on Monday, or maybe the fatigue that is caused my my Rheumatoid Arthritis is really rearing its ugly head this week, but I just feel like I am running and running and can't keep up with the week. I have been SO TIRED, do you know what time I went to bed on Tuesday? SEVEN PM. SEVEN! 7! I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Last night I got out of youth group around 8:45 and was thinking to myself how much work blogging about my trip to Seattle sounded like. I want to do the trip justice because it was SO fun, so I didn't want to throw something together and slap some pictures in a post and call it good, so I thought hmm...maybe I'll get to that tomorrow night. But, luckily, Erin saved the day and tweeted about this link up: 32 Things That Make Me Happy. Well that, I can do.

1. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings
2. Government Holidays that give me random Mondays off from work
3. A fresh manicure
4. My husband bringing me breakfast and coffee in bed before work
5. The fact that my precious cat comes to snuggle every.single.morning at 5:00 AM until I wake up
6. A clean house
7. The feeling AFTER a long run
8. Worship music
9. Heart to heart talks with my best friends (I am looking at you, Steph, Karissa, Sarah, Lea, Stacey)
11. Sunday ritual of coffee and grocery shopping with my mom
12. Freshly washed sheets
13. Holding a baby
14. When my husband makes me laugh when I am trying to be mad
15. Curling up with a good book
16. Being in the mountains
17. Traveling
18. A spray tan
19. Encouraging someone when they're down
20. People that ask how they can pray for you and then actually pray
21. Singing my heart out to Taylor Swift
22. The song "Rewind" by Rascall Flatts
23. When I feel crazy for having a certain feeling, and someone says "ME TOO"
24. Nights and weekends with my husband and zero plans
25. Alone time
26. Holidays with my family
27. Flowers sent to work "just because"
28. Walking out of work on a Friday afternoon
29. Friends I've made through blogging (Hi Ashten and Lisa and Amber to name just a couple)
30. Knowing God is FOR ME
31. Getting the chance go visit my friend Lea in Arizona this June after her baby is born
32. Starting my day slowly with a leisurely cup of coffee and breakfast and some quiet time

What makes you happy?

The next few days I will be in a three day class helping me prepare for my big PHR test that I am taking next month. I am really grateful to have the chance to go to the class as I know it will help me actually PASS the test, but I want to whine a little-I have class all day Saturday. Womp Womp.

Hoping next week I can feel more caught up on life and blogging!


  1. It's so healthy to write lists for yourself like this and just feel comfort in the fact that you have so many things to be thankful for. Love it! :)

  2. Love these, girlie!!!! Coffee, babies, God, country music....biiiig sigh of happiness over here! xx

  3. That seems to be a common husband trait--making us laugh when we're mad at them!

  4. Love this!! I have had a rough start to my week and a post like this might be just what I need. I will probably be posting my own 32 things soon! :-)

    xoxo A

  5. OH, I love this idea. I might have to do this one myself!

  6. holding a baby. the absolute most therapeutic thing int he entire world.

  7. I totally understand feeling like life is going by too fast, and being completely and utterly exhausted. Feel better, friend. Sometimes we just need to slow down adn take a breather.

  8. I wish I could convince EVERYONE how amazing spray tans are. They make you feel so good and THEY DON'T TURN YOU ORANGE, THEY JUST DON'T! Only bad thing about them is how addicting they can get! :)

  9. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. That's just me showing you I pay attention and read ALL. THE. THINGS. you say. Also. COFFEE. COFFEE. COOOFFFEEEE. I literally think about it all the time right now. Probably means I have a problem but WHATEVER.

  10. Hey Brittany! I could not live w/o #32. Its very necessary lol! ;) xx


  11. I still want to hear about your long weekend in Seattle! But I must admit, sometimes I wait to do a vaca recap until I can 'do it justice' and it never gets posted. Ever. Blogger fail!

    (Also, reading your happy list made me happy.)

  12. I love your list! It makes me want to do one myself. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves about these happy things!

  13. I am seriously loving this linkup! SUCH a great idea to have positive posts :)

  14. There's nothing quite like a good T-Swift sing-a-long!

  15. Holding babies is the best, and so is sleeping in on a Saturday. What a great list of happy things! :)