Monday, February 10, 2014

Get Fit & Fab: 5 Ways to Get Your Eating Back On Track

Monday is here, and that means its time for another Get Fit & Fab Weekly Linkup!

I just got back from a girls weekend away to Salt Lake City. Karissa and I attended the Build Your Blog Conference and made a whole weekend out of it. We stayed in downtown Salt Lake, and I personally definitely indulged more than I should have. Lattes every morning, cookies with lunch, cheesecake at dinner, etc. It was so delicious, and I definitely don't regret it, but I do need to make sure that I get right back on the healthy eating and regular exercise train!

It can be a dangerous trap, at least for me once I start not being cautious about the food I am eating. I quickly can send myself into an all out week long binge, and just eat whatever I want. I have found myself thinking "I've already blown it this weekend, might as well start tomorrow." And then that tomorrow comes, and I don't make a healthy choice in the morning, and I think "I've blown today's eating, so I'll start tomorrow."

If you've found yourself doing that too, then read on! Today I am just going to share with you how I "reset" after a weekend of eating too much junk and too much laying around.

1. Make a plan for eating. 

Last night,  I made salads for the entire week so I don't even have to think about what to eat for lunch. I defrosted chicken so its ready to go in the evening. I wrote out a couple of meals I want to make, and Ronnie is picking up the ingredients. I am going to throw a healthy White Chicken Chili in the crockpot tonight, so tomorrow morning I can turn it on and have it ready for dinner and eat the left overs for lunch. Trying to wing it after being out of town all weekend is a recipe for failure! 

2. Drink a ton of water. 

I can't believe how much processed food affects my body now that I am so used to eating healthy. Karissa told me she was affected by too much sodium, and when we woke up after indulging in lots of salty meals Saturday morning, both of our hands were swollen and you could see the indents from our rings. To offset all the sodium and other preservatives, I am going to try and double my normal water intake to flush my system.

3. Cleanse your body. 

I don't mean do a nasty cayenne pepper lemon water type of cleanse, but for me I try and just eat either foods that once walked (chicken, turkey, etc) or that grew from the ground (fruits and veggies). I did this my last week of the DietBet and felt like a new person! I really think this, along with a lot of water, kind of resets your body and flushes out all the crap.

4. Schedule your workouts. 

I found that for me, working out on my lunch is best for me, but I also need to have a plan. If I am running outside tomorrow, that means I need to pack a bag with warm things like gloves and a hat and charge my Garmin. If I am going to the gym, I need to make sure I have the right things for an indoor workout, and know what workout I am doing. Sometimes, I need to watch videos of certain moves so I can get in and out of there efficiently.

5. Give yourself some grace. 

Remember why you're eating healthy and working out. For me, I would love to lose the pounds I gained after being on the steroids for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I'd love to fit back in my smallest pants. But more than that, I really like the way eating right and working out makes me feel. I feel better physically, my anxiety is significantly lessened, and I feel more clear headed. But I am not going to swear off Cheesecake forever, so its okay to let yourself splurge a little. Just make sure you don't let one cheat meal/day/weekend throw your entire week or month off. Get right back on track and you can still accomplish those goals!

How was your week ladies? What are your goals for this next week? I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to my friend Codi from Art Of Balance for reaching her goal last week of working out SIX DAYS! That is so impressive, I'm definitely inspired by her dedication!

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Ways you've been able to successfully relieve stress

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  1. Hey, that blog conference sounds like it was pretty awesome!! Though I know it can be hard to find healthy food away from home! For me, the way I feel when I'm eating what's good for me is a great amount of motivation to eat what is good for me!! :) And drinking lots of water definitely helps.

  2. I have always wanted to go to a conference! Hope you do a post on what you learned and introduce us to some different bloggers. When it comes to getting back on track I am the worst. Scheduling work outs is such a great idea! I am going to need to try this out. ASAP

    xo. Kailagh

  3. Good reminder. Need to go refill my water bottle!

  4. This seems like it should be so obvious but I've been logging what I eat for 3ish weeks now and it really opened my eyes to how bad anything processed is! Like I knew it wasn't good, but it's almost always an insane amount of calories/sodium!

  5. Now that I'm back to working full time I'm also back to full-time meal planning and it's already making such a difference! Planning to post about it next Monday and link up with you! Grace is so important, reminding yourself that you're not perfect and life is too short to deny yourself everything that you enjoy, moderation is key!

  6. Such great tips!!! It is so hard to do good when I don't plan

  7. I totally need to get back into working out! I've slacked SO bad!

  8. I love this!! I will need this after our move!! :)

  9. These are such great tips! Getting back on track can be so hard on Monday but I've found if I plan workouts and plan dinners it really helps!