Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Goals + January Goals Recap

Image from Unspash

 I never got around to posting my goals for January here on the blog, but lets review them, shall we?
1. Lose 5 Pounds
I participated in the Diet Bet and bet $25 dollars I would loose 5 pounds this month. I unfortunately did not meet this goal. The first two weeks of the month, I ate healthy and worked out, but didn't lose a pound. The last two weeks, I really cleaned up my diet even more and ended up losing two pounds. Although I am bummed I didn't meet my goal, I did share a progress picture which I noticeably lost some fat off my stomach. I also found what works for me as far as weight loss, and cut out most carbs (like breads, pasta, etc) and dairy. I swapped almond milk and coconut milk in my morning coffee, and reduced the amount of cheese I consumed. Cutting back on carbs and dairy seriously must be the trick for me, because I did that in the last week and saw the most results.
2. Complete the Wife AfteR God Devotional
I successfully carved out time for the Lord almost every single day this month and I  think the Wife After God Devotional really helped. I desire to have a Christ centered marriage, to love and serve my husband well, and to life the life God has intended for us, and this study really helped me check my heart and see where I still have some growing to do. You can read more about my experience with the study here.
3. Find a balance between running and lifting.
This is something that in all my years of working out, I've never been good at. Since I started running, I really focused soley on running and neglected to do any kind of cross training or weight lifting. This past month I made sure to try and lift weights at least two days a week and did a lot of HIIT workouts, which I really enjoyed and felt challenged by. I also ran 2-3 days a week, and have been working on building my mileage base back up. I ran 4 miles on Saturday, and didn't walk til mile three, so I felt pretty proud of myself.
4. Clean out one more guest room
As of today, I can say that ALL of our guest rooms are cleaned out and mostly organized. While I was away at our Youth Group's winter camp, Ronnie cleaned the last of the rooms! Such a saint!!  Now we have two guest rooms, my office, and the bonus room which is also Ronnie's music room somewhat put together. There still is work to be done like decorating but they are cleaned, and if I were expecting a guest, we could have a welcoming room ready in minutes!

5. Make A Wedding Album
 STARTED this one, and then got frustrated with Shutterfly's program, and I gave up. I actually have a few planned I want to make, so I hope to get one done in Feb.
Finally, onward to my goals for February:
1. Build my mileage base back up and run 5 miles at one time (with no walk breaks).
2. Celebrate our first married Valentines Day!
3. Add at least one decorative piece to my office to start making it a space I love. Now that it's clean, its time to decorate! Slowly though, because we have lofty savings goals for 2014.
4. Spend time in God's word and in prayer every day this month.
5. Pray for my husband and our marriage daily.
6. Finally set up Google Analytics for this little space of mine.
7. Make a wedding album.

How did you do on your goals for January friends? Its already the 4th day of February, so how are your February goals go?


  1. It's been a goal of mine to complete my wedding album every month for the past... 18 months. And I'm still failing! It's happening in 2014 for sure though, it just has to! Great job on completing so many of your January goals!!!

  2. I have made photo albums with Shutterfly before and I find the program to be VERY frustrating. But the results are good if you can live through the headache of making the book! And YAY for getting cleaning and organizing done!

  3. I could not imagine running three miles with no breaks, let alone one. I loathe running and the most I ever did was ten minutes no breaks. Holy cow, I need to start working on it! lol

  4. Running, decorating on a budget, need to start working on my wedding album, and setting up google analytics... it's like I was reading a blog post written about me! Good luck in your February goals :)
    - Rachel www.atwelladventures.com

  5. what a great idea to have these monthly goals! as an avid runner, I give you big thumbs up for your running goal!

  6. Goals for January: get more sleep.

    Status: FAILED.

  7. Great goals for Feb!! Can't wait to hear all about that 5 miler with no walk breaks :)