Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Build Your Blog Conference 2014

Last weekend, my adorable friend Karissa and I went on a little road trip to Salt Lake City to attend the Build Your Blog Conference hosted by the Six Sisters!

The night before we left, Boise got dumped on with snow, so we were a tad anxious about our drive. But Karissa was a rockstar snow driver and managed to get us to Salt Lake safe and sound. Most of the highway had at least one lane plowed, and so we drove slowly and were in no rush. Of course before heading out we stopped at Starbucks, and jammed out to some Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson along the way. I think road trips with friends are so fun because it is just a marathon girl talk session!

When we arrived at the Raddison Hotel, we checked into the conference and had quite the adventure driving around downtown Salt Lake trying to find some where to eat. We landed at the outdoor mall, ate some lunch and did a little shopping. The first night of the conference was a nice fancy dinner hosted by one of the BYBC sponsors, and after going to the wrong steakhouse,  we ate a delicious meal of steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and cheesecake!

After dinner, we also got to meet with a bunch of businesses who want to sponsor and work with bloggers for Business/Blogger Speed Dating so that was really fun. Ikea, PicMonkey, Rafflecopter, Minted, and a variety of other businesses were there!

After the Sponsor Speed Dating, we conned the hotel employees into taking our pictures, and stopped into the conveniently located lobby bar and had a couple of drinks. I then proceeded to lay in bed and play The Sims and didn't even feel embarrassed about my really lame hobby. Karissa is equally obsessed with her own game, Candy Crush, so there was about 30 minutes of complete silence of us just laying their playing games. Be jealous you don't spend your Friday nights playing games on your electronics.

Saturday morning we woke up early enough for coffee and breakfast in our hotel and settled in for a long day of classes and learning. We seriously learned SO much about blogging and sat next to some really fun and interesting people! I learned that I still have a lot to learn, and thats okay. I took away some great ideas and things I can do to improve my blog. If I am being honest, a lot of it was way over my head because I am still somewhat new to this blogging thing, but all in all, I feel like it was valuable and really helpful!

After a long day of learning, we went and had a delicious dinner at Cheesecake factory, split an amazing piece of White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, and went on an unsuccessful quest for a bottle of wine. Did you know that in Utah, you can't buy wine in a grocery store? Our minds were blown, because here I can travel a quarter mile to the closest Gas Station if I want a bottle of wine! 

When we went to bed Saturday night, we got started talking and laughing SO hard. The last time we got to go to sleep talking and laughing was the night before my wedding and I got a little sentimental, thinking how grateful I was for her! We had some quality girl time and it was just what I needed. If you didn't know, we worked together at our old job, and meeting her was the best thing that came out of it! You should go check out her blog too because its adorable, and so is she!


  1. Trips will girlfriends are the best. Especially blasting and jamming out in the car!! :)
    You both look so gorgeous and totally jealous of your Sims game! LOVE that game and now I'm itching to play.

    You can't buy wine here unless you go to a liquor store. And, if you want beer you have to go to a beer distributor. It is SO frustrating everything is sold separately and NOT in grocery stores!!

  2. That looks like so very much fun!!! And informative! I need to go to one of those conferences

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I want to go to a blogging conference someday!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  4. This sounds so amazing + fun! Also...ummm...I used to looooove playing The Sims on my computer. Like addicted to it. Seriously. They have an app?! Omg. Xx.

  5. That sounds like it was so fun!! I wish I would have been able to attend that conference!

  6. Sounds like it was a blast!!! :-)

  7. The blog conference was so much fun! So cool that you got to go with your friend. Can't decide what my favorite part of the weekend was. I certainly though Meg Johnson's speech was very inspiring. I'm hosting a party where everyone who attended can link their conference posts. Hope you'll stop by to share yours at http://www.thepinjunkie.com/2014/02/build-your-blog-conference-2014.html

  8. My goal is to attend a blog conference. Looks like you girls had a blast.
    In North Dakota you can only buy booze at liquor stores too…No grocery store wine here!!

  9. I think it would be so fun to attend a blog conference! Sounds like it was a. Good time. You should post about some of the things you learned.