Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday with Mrs. Laura Beth

Hey girls! How is your week going? This week has been wonderful so far, and productive. Do you ever have those days where you feel like you really have your life together? Lets be honest, they are few and far between for me. But yesterday, I managed to make healthy eating decisions, work all day, run on my lunch, come home and had a successful 15 minute POWER CLEAN with the husband, cooked dinner, and went and got a mani pedi with my mom after. I spent the rest of the evening helping a friend with her blog, blogging myself, and reading. BLISSFUL NIGHT Friends. 

Today, I want to introduce you to a girl I am honored to call a friend. Laura, from Mrs Laura Beth has one of the sweetest spirits and I just LOVE her blog. Also, we are kindred spirits because you all know how much I love wine, and I seriously cannot STAND mouth noises so much, they make me insane. Just, close your mouth when you chew, and breathe, and sleep people. 

Friends, let me introduce you to the beautiful, sweet, and charming Laura ! Make sure you check out her adorable blog and say hello, I know you will just love her!

Describe yourself in 5 or less words.
Compassionate - Goofy - Loving - Genuine  

What do you love?
I love my Husband, God, Photography, Wine, Family & Friends. 

How did you and your husband meet?
My husband {Steve} and I met my freshman year of college. I was friends with my husband's cousin who happened to be in a wheelchair at the time and I was the nice friend who wheeled him around campus. On multiple occasions we met up with my {now} husband and pretty soon Steve and I would meet up without his cousin!! << The rest is History…that was in 2006!

What is your favorite date you two have gone on?
Not sure if it is because we live in a small town or what but Dates aren't something we do a whole lot of and if we do they are more of a dinner and a movie and nothing too special. One of my most favorite dates though was one of the first, actually it was our first Valentine's Day together. He drove me out to where his grandparents live and they have a river behind their house, it was still frozen and we went and walked on the river talking and sipping the hot chocolate he brought with. After, he made me my favorite meal {spaghetti} and we ate by candle light! It was so super romantic, I think I knew then that he was 'the one'. Side note: I'd sure like to meet that die hard romantic again hahaha

Favorite memory of 2013?
It is hard to pick just one but I really enjoyed Puerto Vallarta in January. My husband and I went with two other couples and we all had a wonderful time! I'm probably choosing this memory too because it is a warm one and currently in North Dakota we have been having days that feel like -60! 

Did you make any goals or resolutions for 2014?
I haven't said any goals out loud or wrote them down so this is the first time I'm committing to it! In 2014 my goal is to be more organized in all aspects of life and to try and find motivation to be more active! Sitting on the couch, watching DVR shows and blogging consumed most of my time in 2013! 

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?
Currently on the top of my list is moving out of our apartment. We will hopefully be moving into my husband's family farm house by March and I couldn't be more ecstatic for all the space and to get back to country living!!

What are your biggest pet peeves?
Mouth noises! This includes chewing with your mouth open, smacking your lips, clearing out your teeth with your tongue and numerous other disgusting noises … I get irritated just thinking of these noises!! 
Snoring is another one. If someone falls asleep before me and they snore I have the hardest time getting to sleep, this noise is just so horrible and I'm thankful my husband doesn't snore! 

What do you wish someone would’ve told you in high school?
Don't be afraid to make mistakes and get in a little trouble. High school is the time to make them and discover who you really want to be!