Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grow Your Blog by Jen from Boone+Owl

Happy Wednesday! Today Jen from Boone+Owl is here to give us all a few tips to grow our blogs! I really have learned a TON from this tutorial, and absolutely adore Jen's blog! Once you read this tutorial, make sure to go stop over there and say hello!

adding alt tags to blog images, blog seo, grow your blog

Hello! I'm Jen! twenty-something college student living the southern life with those most dear to me. I blog over at Boone+Owl, where I share fashion, photography, beauty tips and tricks, a DIY here and there, and tasty delights + a dash of all the other happy things in life! Today I wanted to share a quick tip that I have found very helpful in growing my blog. I hope it helps you too!

You might have heard about Alt and Title tags for images. They are one of the best things in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Alt and Title tags can bring you a lot of traffic from Google Image Search. 

Now, I have only been blogging for eight months. The majority of which I was blissfully ignorant of SEO, particularly in the imagery area. With a few simple tips, that I found on the interwebs, I started adding tags to pictures on my blog, and badda bing badda boom, a lovely little stream of traffic. Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is infinitely sweeter. We all want to be seen and heard and reach others. In order to do that more effectively we have to make it easier for others to find us. So here's a little knowledge for ya!

The Alt + Title Tag
An image tag is an HTML language that is used to display images in webpages. Simply adding an image to your blog post is not enough. Search engine robots can't read an image like they read text, therefore, they don’t understand what the image is about. In order to describe and categorize your images to both your visitors and search bots you need to add title and alt text.

An image tag has three attributes; src (image source), title (image title) and Alt (alternative text for image).  For example sake, let’s say you're writing a post about “Blog SEO” but you're focusing in on “adding alt tags to blog images”. 
You would define the image tags like this -

<img alt="adding alt tags to blog images" src=” title=”Blog SEO” /> 

Now, you can have fun with the alt tag. Depending on what you're writing about, adding SEO rich titles and being descriptive with your alt tags is key! Here's an example of a saucier alt tag.

<img alt="adding alt tags to blog images, image seo, blogger images, blog seo" src=”” title=”Blog SEO” /> 

The more descriptive you are, the better! 

Adding Alt Tags To Blogger Images
My blog is powered by Blogger, which I happen to really love! It is super easy to add these image tags, and here's how you do it in Blogger.

Upload your image in compose mode on Blogger and select the image. Select "properties" from the menu. In image properties add the title and alt text that are your keywords. 

adding alt tags to blog images, blog seo, grow your blog

adding alt tags to blog images, blog seo, grow your blog

And there you have it! Some basics on using the alt tags to improve SEO on your blog posts.  This really is an easy, but super effective way to bring more traffic to your blog!

Do you use alt tags to help improve your SEO? Any advice to add on using these tags? 


  1. Thank you both for sharing this information, I'll definitely be giving it a try!

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  5. I've notice that you can do that by clicking on the properties feature, but I never have. I wonder if it would be very effective if I took the time to go back and add alt tags, or if it's most useful on new content?

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