Friday, January 3, 2014

Essentials for Cold Weather Running

Happy Friday! I took some Nyquil last night and seriously could NOT open my eyes today. I Just couldnt. But, I pried them open, rubbed some dry shampoo in my hair and made it to work in time, even if I did forget my breakfast.

Yesterday I went for a run at lunch. This is what the trail looked like:

I wasn't exactly pleased, but I figured if I am not planning on hibernating all winter, I better get used to it. As much as I'd like to hibernate, I really can NOT considering a few things:

A. Many of my pants do not fit me anymore
B. When I weighed myself Tuesday, it was the HIGHEST NUMBER I've ever seen in my life.
C. I joined a Diet Bet and could win up to $1025 if I lose 4% of my weight
D. Sam and I are hosting a link-up every Monday to talk about our journey to getting fit and healthy and fabulous

With all that being said, I have put together a guide to must haves for running in the winter time. Now let me tell you one thing about me: I run in the cold, but I am not crazy. So if the tempature is something that ends in "teen" or below, you will not catch me running outdoors. Treadmill, weights, or workout video it is.

When its really cold-I am talking low thirties-low twenties you will need:
1. Something to cover your ears. Preferrably a beanie, but I also wear that black headband I got for 3 dollars at Target 99% of the time. I also would recommend Northface's Ear Gear. I have this in black and adore it as well.
2. A long sleeve top with either a really warm hoodie, or Under Armour or Nike Cold Gear tops. I run in it all. Another good option is a vest. You can splurge on a Northface if you want, but I got mine for a steal at Targer. In the picture above, I am in a Nike top similar to this.
Underarmour Hoodie and my trusty Target ear warmer
Cheesing it up at the Turkey Trot in my North Face Ear Gear and Vest
3. A pair of gloves. You don't have to be picky about these. You can wear the cheap 99 cent gloves, you can buy a pair like mine above that have the half fingers with removable mitten tops, or I got a pair for Christmas with the ability to tex wearing them! Woo! Actually I just skip songs on my Iphone because I am not coordinated to text and run, but if you are, you win at life.
4. A pair of running tights-I am going to go so far to say you need some fleece lined ones because those babies kept me NICE and TOASTY. But, I also run in regular running tights too and they keep me pretty warm! Northface and Lululemon have great fleece lined running tights, they're quite the splurge, but worth it in my opinion.
So thats all you need folks. Don't forget your socks, but I think thats a given.

Also, don't forget to link-up with Sam and I on Monday. I am going to talk about how my week went as far as exercising and eating, and share progress with you, assuming the number on the scale dropped a bit. (PLEASE DROP!)


  1. Love your tips! I find it super hard this time of year to be motivated to run in cold weather! But you're right, you can't hibernate you just gotta go for it and wear fleece lined leggings haha!


  2. I JUST started running in the cold and didn't have any "cold weather running gear". I bought some fleece lined footless tights at Ross for like $5 and used those as a base layer under some slightly heavier running pants that I think I got at Target to nothing. It worked FABULOUSLY. Most comfortable tights ever and they didn't shift at all. A long sleeve tshirt under a hoodie or lightweight jacket (that I've had FOREVER) worked great for upper layers. And I have some of those fingerless gloves/mittens - love them. I haven't attempted to run in anything colder than upper 20s/lower 30s though. And I don't intend to anytime soon. I was happy to find I didn't have to shell out the big bucks to get started! - Rhoni

  3. Love this post, I'm with you on both A and B! One of my goals is to run a 5k this year-- I'm not a runner at all-- so I've been trying to find ones that are late spring/early summer to avoid having to run outside but maybe I can suck it up :)


  4. You are quite a trooper to go out and run when it's cold! If it's in the 30's, you won't catch me outside, gym it is! I'm looking forward to the link up!

  5. Thanks for posting this! My husband and I just signed up for a 5k run in March in Michigan where it'll probably still be cold! I'm kicking myself for not buying the black vest at Target, but maybe I can still find one!

  6. Living in Northern Wisconsin, and coming home to Boston for the Holidays... this winter has been cold & my running has come to a small halt. However, knowing what to wear outside now is gonna bring that halt to a stop. Thanks so much for posting this!

    xo. Kailagh

  7. Seriously I admire you for getting into running with your arthritis! I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in my knees which means my knee caps rub against the bone when I do things like running and they get irritated super easy! I've been trying to run for a good year now and keep giving up because it hurts so much. Sticking to my physical therapy is a nightmare but this year I'm going to try and be on my feet running with my (to be) husband by next December! If you have any tips please let me know. I admire your strength and determination!

    <3 Harmony

  8. when i ran trails before the snow fell, we were running in -5C temps and there was ice/frost everywhere. i bought a shirt from Columbia that has Omniheat which are little silver dots on the inside that use your body heat to keep you warm and regulate your reminds me of those silver wrap things that cold people use to wrap themselves in. and then i throw on my UA storm jacket, my gloves and my Buff head wear that also works as an ear warmer or balaclava.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. I need to invest in some ear coverage... Florida to Texas was a bit of a change. OldNavy surprisingly has a really good selection of workout clothes