Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bloggers Online Bible Study

I am excited to be hosting an online Bible Study for bloggers and blog readers! Over the past week, over thirty gals signed up to participate and voted on a book to read. If this goes well, I fully intend to host another bible study after this one ends. Girls-it is NOT TOO LATE for you to participate! Hurry and e-mail me if you are interested and get your book ordered.

The book we are going to go through is  The Modern Girl’s Guide To Bible Study by Jen Hatmaker. It is an excellent book and its the one the most of you chose. It will be the book we are going through first as a group. It seriously teaches you how to read the Bible. That sounds silly, but not many people can just pick up the bible and read it cover to cover and understand, grasp, enjoy and learn from it. This book is so awesome, and at the end of it there is a reading plan where we read a chapter in the book, and then actually study the bible using some of the tips, tools and tricks we read about. Jen Hatmaker is also HILARIOUS and its a really FUN read in my opinion. 

The study is only five weeks long. I thought this is a great first study to do because it really does help making reading and studying the bible be less intimidating and even fun. It will help you girls out who maybe have never read the bible, or have a hard time getting into a regular routine. It will also provide a fresh perspective for girls who do spend time in the word regularly. 

The study will officially start on January 27th, so if you haven't already, make sure to order your book! I recommend Amazon! 

How it will work:

First I would pair you each up with an email buddy. Each week, ideally you and your partner would talk about the book, answer some questions, share how your study is going, what you’re learning, share prayer requests, etc.

There will also be a private Facebook group for those that are participating. Here is where I am going to post weekly questions for us all to answer and have large group community. I hope throughout the week we all participate as much as we’re able here!

Once a week, on Sunday afternoons I will host a Google Hangout for those that can participate. I realize this day doesn’t work for everyone, so I’d also encourage you guys to use the Facebook page and/or emails of the group members to set up other times if they work better for your schedule. I work M-F and have a bible study at my home church one night, and serve in our youth group another night, and we have a dinner club we participate in as well, so my week nights are SUPER crazy. And Saturday is the one day off Ronnie and I have together, so I try really hard to protect that time and have a day to just be together. So Sunday afternoons is works for me, but you guys aren’t required to do this by any means. This is if your schedule allows and it sounds fun and beneficial to you!

Finally, I will host a weekly linkup for girls who cannot participate via Facebook/Google Hangout. This way, girls can still visit other members of the group's blogs and see there thoughts, reactions, insights, etc and share theirs as well. 

If you aren’t excited about the book that was chosen, I seriously encourage you to give it a try. And if you want to wait, I fully intend to do a second bible study a couple weeks after this one ends with a different book! If you do not participate, please still read the book that looks most interesting to you!!

If you still wish to participate after all of this, please send me an email with the following:

Your Name:
Link to facebook so I can add you to the group:
Do you want to have an email partner? This is optional, if you’re not comfortable, just let me know so everyone who wants a partner can be paired up with others who do as well.

Then go order your book on Amazon and we will get started on January 27th!

Thanks so much girls! So excited!


  1. I am so excited! I bought my book yesterday. :-)


  2. I'm definitely interested, but what's your email address?

  3. I'm excited for this!
    You should make the above image a button so we can post it on our sidebars! :)

  4. Yes! I really, really want to participate in this. I'm terrible at cracking open my Bible. Hopefully this will help me dig into the Word. E-mailing you shortly :)

  5. Just purchased my book! I can't wait to get started! vivianstonexo.blogspot.com

  6. I just signed up. i can't wait to participate. It's right around the time that my other bible study is ending.

  7. YES! This looks exciting! I can't wait to start! I may be missing it, but what is your email that I can send you my information?

  8. I would love to participate!! Buying the book now! (Like a couple of the others I also can't find your email...could be completely overlooking it!) Thanks for hosting this!

  9. This sounds like such an amazing opportunity! With teaching 2nd grade Bible study Sunday mornings, I don't get to attend a Bible study on my own. Sign me up, sister! E-mailing you ASAP :)

  10. Bought my book for my Nook the other day. Can't wait for this to start!

  11. This is such an awesome idea! I'm in the middle of multiple bible studies so I can't join in but I truly hope the Lord speaks to each of you during this time!

  12. Bought my book! Excited to start this. :)


  13. Just bought the book! Excited to get started.