Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursdays are Hard

Real question: Does anyone else get hit with that feeling of “omg my life is a hot mess” every Thursday morning or is that just me?? I woke up yesterday and barely could manage to put together a clean, professional work appropriate outfit because all my workpants that fit were dirty. Dishes piled in the sink because we just didn’t have the TIME to do them with our endless holiday parties, dinner invitations, and oh yeah, that final project that is due today. I couldn’t find a single clean travel coffee mug, and since the only food we have in our house is left over thanksgiving we have yet to throw out, even though its way past its expiration date, I also left the house without making breakfast or packing a lunch.

For a type-A, list-making, meal planning, organized freak like me, this scenario makes me so anxious. But it seriously is a weekly occurrence. Every Thursday, I have a repeat of this morning. And I think to myself how this weekend, I will recover. I will get my life back in order, I’ll prepare better, and next week will be better. But then the weekend comes, and I just try to jam pack it FULL of all the things that I didn’t get done all week, that I start back over on Monday’s, trying to just keep my head above water! This weekend I am determined to make it different. To find a balance between productivity, and relaxation. I am not exactly sure how, considering we have some holiday commitments threatening to beat out the cleaning and grocery shopping and meal planning, but I am going to do my best to prepare well this weekend, so next Thursday, I don’t feel like my life is falling apart.

The good news is that once this class is totally finished today, I will be taking a break from my masters program. At my old job, I only paid 20% of my education costs. This job doesn’t offer that benefit, and in order to finish school it will cost $12,000 that likely, wont pay for itself for quite some time. I am going to take the next six months to study for my Professional in Human Resources Certification which is much more cost effective, and it is what most companies prefer HR professionals to have. Once I am done with school work, at least 5 hours of my week will be freeeeeeeeeeee. Just kidding, starting in January, I need to study for that PHR test like its my job.

I am considering giving a weekly cleaning schedule a try so I don’t save it all to do on Sundays. I am also planning on jumping right back into meal planning. I do it almost every week, and this week has been a hot mess without that structure (and without groceries).

 Does anyone else have any “How to Organize Your Life and Not Drown in Housework, laundry, meal prep,etc” tips? I could sure use them!!!! I hope your weekend is equal parts restful and productive, lovelies!

PS: I just would like you all to know we resorted to giving our dog anxiety medication when we leave the house because he is severely injuring himself trying to break out of his crate every day. When I left today, Ollie was laying on top of the crate, just swatting at Jak's head. HAHA. This is my life, folks.


  1. Yes...Thursdays suck! Praying for a break in the chaos for you, friend!

  2. I don't know how you handle being in school, a job, and being a super awesome wife. YOU GO, GIRL. As for clue. Praying for you as you finish up your assignment! Try and get some rest this weekend!

  3. I usually dedicate Saturday mornings to fixing up my house. I wake up early {not too early --but I like to in order to feel productive}, brew some coffee, jump on the internet and then tackle everything. I put on music and clean everything! I'm type A too and love to clean and organize, so I value that time! I make a meal plan list and a grocery list and organize everything and then tackle my day!

    I'm glad you'll be free from so much chaos next year with no school! I want to get my PHR as well, but of course I have to wait another year since I just graduated {dumb rules}! GOOD LUCK and share all about it so I know what to study ;) ;) I really do want to go to grad school, so I'm hoping I can do that sometime in the future with a tuition reimbursement, but I don't currently have that :/

  4. I take 6 hours of classes (finishing my B.S....and oh what BS it is), have 3 kids (2 teenagers & one high maintenance but cute 10 yr old) and a husband (and a dog & kitty), work 40-45 hours, etc. I survive (barely sometimes) because my work scheduled is arranged so I can have Tuesday afternoons off. I plan meals 2 weeks at a time and prep a few days on the weekend. Then I have Tuesday afternoons to run errands, study/do homework, catch up on laundry, prep for the rest of the week...nap...whatever. I do have the distinct advantage of having teenagers that do most of the housework & all of the dishes. That's huge even though it was hard for me to give up the control of having it done exactly like *I* want. But I've found that every month or so, I have to declare a weekend at home to REALLY clean and rest. I have found I do better if I get up early in the mornings to have quiet time & work out. We have Krav Maga a couple of times a week but it's in the evenings and kinda add to the craziness. I love it. But it doesn't always help alleviate crazy like a zoned in run or weight lifting session might. -- Rhoni

  5. I come up with meals and I send myself an email with links to the recipes or just the recipe name if I have it memorized. For us it doesn't work to plan what day of the week we're going to eat what because sometimes I want to go out and sometimes he works late and so on. But having the list of recipes that match the groceries I bought that I can just choose from any night we're cooking at home really helps! Plus I don't sit at work thinking 'ah, I'm running late and the dinner I have planned for tonight will take an hour' - I just pick a simpler/quicker meal those nights.

    Good luck getting everything under wraps this weekend for next week! We all need a little fairy helping us clean and organize.

  6. I wish it was just Thursdays! Though I do agree that something something about Thursday just makes me feel so flustered. Mind you- I also feel like a hot mess at all times right now...Not sure what is going on!

    But yeah, I don't get how some people to have it all together....if I'm planning to work, go to the gym, cook dinner and clean all in one day? HA! Yeah right.

  7. Some seasons in life definitely seem crazy busy like this! For me, what helps the most is doing my housework in small chunks of time--but really making sure I kick butt in those 15 minutes or whatever amount I give myself. I know I can start a load of laundry, wash a bunch of dishes, sweep a floor, and probably scrub a toilet in 15 if I really apply myself--so that's how I manage to get whatever chores are most pressing done without using up a bunch of time!

  8. This post actually makes me feel a LOT better about my hot mess of a life right now. I hear you! I NEED a weekly cleaning schedule. It's bad.

  9. One of my goals for 2014 is to be more "on top" of all these household chores! 3 months married and I'm just now getting into a rhythm!