Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rasmussen Wedding: Family Pictures

Today, I just wanted to pop in and share some more wedding pictures with you guys!! These are just a few of our family pictures. All of these people mean the world to us and I just am so happy so many people were able to celebrate our special day with us.

I am also over at my dear friend Sam's blog, Life Style Love today guest posting, so please, go stop over there too!

My dad and I ! I treasure these pictures with him!

My dad and "little " brother Jacob

My beautiful mother

Ronnie and I with my mom and Step-Dad

Ronnie and I with his parents, siblings and nieces and nephews

Ronnie and his parents and I

My family. Does this one not win for an awkward family photo? I think it does.

Our adorable niece and nephews who were the ring bearers and flower girl 

<3 Love this one of my dad and I

We had an excellent photographer, who I love dearly, but some of these pictures I am just like AH! I wish I knew how NOT great it looked for me to not be holding my bouquet, and have my arms around people instead, or I WISH we would've got pictures with my Uncle and Aunt who traveled from Colorado, or I WISH these people would've all stood uniformly. I blame Pinterest for me picking out every fault that is probably only obvious to me. I am thrilled with our pictures overall! Big groups of people are just not easy to work with in my opinion!


  1. They are all lovely photos! The one of you with your niece and nephews is my favourite though, so cute!

  2. what a beautiful bride you were. :D gorgeous pics.

  3. such beautiful pictures! truly looks like you all had an amazing day :) congrats again!

  4. Such pretty photos! I love the colors!

  5. I love them! I know what you mean about Pinterest though. Stupid Pinterest!