Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rasmussen Wedding: Bridal Party

Happy Thursday!
Today I have more wedding pictures for you! Surprise, surprise, I know.

If you are loving the wedding pictures, don't worry, I only have the ceremony and reception pictures after today. If you're hating them, and can't wait to not have to see wedding pictures ever again on my blog, again, only two more weeks of wedding pictures. 

Today I want to celebrate some of our VERY BEST FRIENDS. These people have our entire hearts. I only had met Ronnie's groomsmen a handful of times before the wedding, and I already love them so much. They were so helpful and encouraging to us the entire week they were here. Ronnie's best man's speech was heartfelt and is a memory I will always treasure from our big day. If you saw our wedding video, you may have seem Ronnie's groomsmen praying with him before the first look which is so precious to me.

And my girlfriends. I could talk for DAYS about these girls.
The way they know me and just get me more than anyone I know.
The ways the made me laugh, encouraged me, prayed for me, and supported me,
even while they might have been hurting themselves.

I shared Lea's story before the wedding, but she lost her fiancĂ© in a tragic accident six weeks before the wedding. She was so selfless and strong the entire week, she never complained, but instead focused on me and my big day the entire time. 

Karissa was an incredible maid of honor, who stayed up til wee hours of the morning talking in bed with me the night before the wedding. She is a true loyal, steady, and genuine friend to me. The light she's brought into my life has impacted me in ways I could never describe.

Stacey had me laughing all week long, I could be as bridezilla, or as emotional, or excited as I want and she never made me feel crazy. She actually got married six weeks before I did, so she knew first hand how to be a WONDERFUL bridesmaid since she was so recently a bride. This girl gets me you guys. She knows me, and I couldn't do this thing called life without her.

Sarah, finally, my pretty friend Sarah. Sarah and I have been friends since the 4th grade and we have so many memories together. She is such a true friend, who genuinely loves and cares for me so well, but also anyone else she crosses paths with. She, like Lea was struggling through a storm in life while she was here but that supportive smile never left her face and she was so selfless and a joy to have by my side.


Go learn more about Karissa at her blog, Karissa and Company!



These people are some of the best people we know. We are so grateful for your love and support!!


  1. The pictures are GREAT!!!! And I didn't know you knew Karissa I just LOVE her :)

  2. How beautiful! What great photos. I didn't know you and Karissa were friends in real life! How wonderful!

  3. Your wedding looks a lot like mine! Great minds think alike!

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