Friday, December 6, 2013

My Reset Button

You guys, I am so happy as I sit here and type tonight. I am home alone with just the animals, a Christmas Candle is burning and the tree is lit up next to me. I ran a tough run tonight in freezing cold weather, warmed up with a shower and then a bath, and now am curled up on the couch with a bowl of White Bean Chili and a cup of hot chocolate.

Seriously, bliss.

My day wasn't all candy canes and sparkles though. You see, I must've snoozed through all three alarms I set, and woke up at exactly 6:59 AM. I start work at 7:00 AM every day, so telling my boss I was going to be REALLY late to work was a blessing. I rolled into work at 8:07 AM, over an hour late and immediately started putting out fires, working on job announcements, and dealing with some managers who obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed like I did.

Work has been CRAZY the past few weeks, which is quite the change for me as I am used to really slow paced days, and most of the time I am asking co-workers if there's anything I can help them with. We also got the sad news the other Recruiter's last day is Friday, so she's been tying up loose ends while I handle all the new recruitment requests. In the past three days, we've received ten and I am used to sometimes going a week without one.

Most of the time, after a day like this, I think I deserve to curl up on the couch with some junk food, a glass of wine and some Grey's Anatomy re-runs. During a long meeting this afternoon, I thought how appealing that sounded, but then realized how much more I was looking forward to running. Running is my reset button.

Running resets a hard, grueling day at work.
Running resets a day of bad eating decisions.
Running resets an argument I have with a friend, my family, or my husband.
Running resets a grumpy attitude.
Running resets my energy level.
Running resets my relationship with the Lord.
Running resets my anxious heart.
Running resets a funk.
Running resets my lack of gratitude.
Running resets the mistakes I make.

Running for me is a way to push the reset button. To shake off whatever it is that is weighing on me. Running resets every part of me, running is the quickest way for me to snap out of a funk, to just reset and feel like myself again.

Tell me-are you a runner? If so, what does running reset for you?
If you're not, what is a reset button for you?


  1. running really can reset a bad day or a bad anything if you let it.

  2. to me...running is a horrible challenge. i hate it. but that's why i do it! i like to be taken out of my comfort zone

  3. Oh girl I'm a runner fo sho. I usually run in the mornings (right now it's in the 30s which is making things tough) and I realize that the days I do that go better than the ones that I don't. The best runs follow a night where I couldn't let something go and just sleep so I've got to get up and run it off in the morning and AHHHHH how I feel relief! :)

  4. It's definitely a reset for me MOST of the time. Although this weekend I have a long run that I'm not really looking forward to. It's snow and ice makes it hard to get outside, so we'll see!

  5. I ran a lot at the beginning of not at all. I think it's time to get back in the groove! Although I'm not a fabulous runner like you, it still allows me to eat endless amounts of chocolate. And your statement of it not being all "candy canes and sparkles" makes me love you that much more! :)

  6. That's so true - running is a great mind clearer, especially for stress!

  7. I love this.. When I was running it cured everything..i need to gt back in the swing of running since I am training for a half marathon!

  8. I'm taking a running class for a PE credit in college right now and boy, it's been miserable but I'm longing for the day when it feels like a cathartic reset button! I definitely have runner's envy. Haha! I'll get there eventually I suppose! It's still pretty painful right now.