Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cayenne Chocolate Amber

Today I have a special treat for you all. My friend Amber from Mr. Thomas and Me is taking over and I know you will absolutely LOVE her. I have been reading her blog for some time, but her post The Drain Is Clogged just spoke to me in a real way. I was struggling myself about what to do with my little space on the internet: I wondered who I was writing for, who's approval was I seeking, where was my voice, and what were my intentions with this blog? Reading her blog that day, knowing that someone else wanted to do essentially the same things as me, Glorify Jesus by writing about real life issues, the good, the bad, the fun, the sad, and everything in between, was encouraging.

I have a handful of blogging friends I would JUMP at the chance to meet in every day life if I could, and Amber makes that list. I relate to her as a runner, as someone who loves Jesus, a gal that struggles with fear and anxiety, someone who is real but also encouraging, and look up to her as a gal a little farther along in this thing called marriage should I ever need some advice or wisdom or just a voice saying "I've been there. You'll be okay."

Some of my favorite posts from Amber, besides her The Drain is Clogged include:
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I've asked Amber some questions so you all could get to know her better and because I am just nosey! Enjoy, and then go say hello at Mr. Thomas and Me!!

How would you describe yourself in five words? Sarcastic. Firecracker (that's what jason always uses to describe me).

Tell us about how you and your husband met? At a frat party. Seriously. Didn't see that coming? Neither did I. The night we met I wrote him off as a rowdy frat boy and let it be, then we ran into each other at another event the following week and he did his best to be less rowdy and more sweet. It worked.

 We go out for coffee, what do you order? Dark roast with steamed milk and vanilla. We go out for drinks, now what do you order? Vodka-tonic with extra olives. (No lime)

 How do you unwind after a long day at work? A glass of wine and a good book. After spending time in the kitchen throwing together dinner. There's something about all that chopping that is calming and stress relieving.

 What is one thing you wish someone would’ve told you as a teenager? It's not a big deal. I think my dad told me that MANY times, but I wasn't listening. Basically everything feels really big and exciting and dramatic when you're in the high school, hormonal years. I wished I'd have stopped sweating it and enjoyed more of those moments because they're fun and easy and not full of insane responsibility like later in life.

 What are your holiday plans this year? Lots of family and celebrating. It's going to be really busy for us this year which is lovely and will hopefully allow us to slow down and enjoy a more relaxing holiday next year. (A girl can dream right?)

What's your Running Power Song? A Wake -Macklemore

 Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner? Breakfast. Hello pancakes. And omelettes. And bacon.

You've won $1000.00 and can only spend it at one store. Where would you spend it? If we're being honest Target, but I'd like to pretend like I'm fancy and say Nordstroms.

The song that describes you best. Who are you when I'm not looking? -Blake Shelton

If you were a flavor of ice cream, which one would you be? Cayenne Chocolate. I look familiar and tasty, which I am, but then ZOW! there's some spice to make things interesting.

Biggest pet peeve. Stink. I'm so sensitive to the way things smell. And when it's super stinky, I can't get over it. My worst nightmare is, literally, to be seated next to a stinky person on a long airplane flight. Terrifying.


I told you guys you'd love her! I sure do, so be sure to go stop by Mr. Thomas and Me and say hello! She has a beautiful heart, a gift with words, and is a true treasure I'm geninuely thankful to have met through blog-land!


  1. Oh my goodness you make me look so good here. It's like that Smock Dress that has just the right amount of hug and an even better balance of forgiveness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having me. But really, when can we plan this real life friends gig?!?

  2. I love meeting new bloggers! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amber is lying. She orders Moscow Mules. ;)