Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alyssa and Her Cowboy

Happy Wednesday sweet friends!!! Today my friend Alyssa is taking over the blog and I know you will just adore her. She is SO gorgeous, sweet, and has a cowboy boyfriend that lives on a real life ranch! Alyssa, can I come for a week long visit at the ranch with you? Nothing sounds better right now!

Brittany, I am so excited about this little highlight today on your blog!
First, thanks for having me... second, I am so excited to meet your sweet readers and hopefully welcome you to my little blog:)

So on Monday, Brittany had a little blogger 'highlight' where you got to know a little bit about me...I only mentioned it briefly, but you read right, I date a real life cowboy.  Boot, chaps, spurs, dust, middle of nowhere, good ol' boy from Oklahoma!
It's not your every day love story, so I thought I would share a little slice of our long-distance relationship with you here today. 

SP (My cowboy- it's his nickname since a little boy) and I met almost 4 years ago at the Cottonbowl. We somehow ended up in the same suite during the game- got to talking and spent the rest of the night talking over dinner, drinks and dancing in Dallas with a big group of friends. While instantly smitten with this young man... yes, he is two years my junior.... we didn't really get off to a smooth start. 
At first SP was still in college. And after college, when he decided to go work on the his families fourth-generation ranch it did not make things easier. The ranch is exactly a five hour drive. From my door-step to his. Yes, five hours. 
We dated on and off for a few years until finally in 2012 I told him no more games and kinda-sorta-together dating. And that if he wanted to be my girlfriend he would need to make a serious effort and show me he wanted to be with me... as they say : 's^$# or get off the pot'!
A few weeks later he showed up for my birthday and told me he did not know what he had in me, until I told him to make a decision and stopped talking to him. We have been together for serious since my birthday last year!
It's still not easy, the ranch is still 5 hours away. 
Some days are harder than others. He has a really full schedule with cattlemustangs, fixin' fences, making sure water-gaps are in tact, hunting, and anything else that keeps the ranch running... while I live in the city, with two part time jobs and a wonderful life filled with family and friends - clearly we both don't skip a beat. 
When we do get to spend time together, which is about twice a month, we try to pick up where we left off. We get to go on dates together and visit with each others family and friends and work on building a deeper, more meaningful relationship. 

Over the past year I have learned a lot about being in a relationship, even more so about being in a long-distance relationship, a relationship where two worlds come together. 
One thing that I am happy to say has truly made our relationship stronger is inviting God into our relationship. 
At first it was just in prayer together. Then we each started a separate devotional. We even tried a couples devotional... which we both deemed more appropriate for engaged couples. However,  the best thing about the couples devotional, from which we each only read the first few chapters, is that it got the two of us talking about our individual walk with Christ, how He plays a role in each of our lives and how we want Him to shine in our relationship! 
We have a lot to figure out still, clearly there's more to just 'making it work' when your worlds are so different and your families so far apart and you live 5 hours away from each other. But together we've decided to take it slow, one step at a time, and see how our relationship grows in Gods plan!

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated our one year anniversary!

And now you know a little more about me, and a lot more about my love life!!

Brittany, thank you again for having me today- this has been a blast!
Looking forward to seeing you all again over on my blog- can't wait to hear from you, so leave a comment if you are new to my blog this week!!

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  1. thank you so much for having me today!!!
    its kinda surreal to see my little story and pictures up on your blog.. thank you for letting me share with your sweet bloggers!


  2. just letting you know I"m now following you. would love a follow back.

    cant wait to read more.